Thursday, October 2, 2008

Xbox 360: New Xbox Experience at PAX

(Information started on August 31st)

I was lucky enough to attend the Penny Arcade Expo again this year (might comment more on this later).  Major Nelson/Larry Hryb was there showing off more of the NXE that had been shown at this year's E3.  It's still work in progress, but it's said to be coming in November.

This is a video that was taken (not by me) during one of the few showings that happened that weekend.  Can't necessarily say I was watching the same one, but the dialogue seems very close to it (even more so than your normal rehearsed/improv speech).  More videos have come out since, but they've mostly been to show off the new Avatar system and themes.

Interesting note: There were a couple 'No Filming' signs around the MS booth.  Major even held one up before presenting the NXE.  Then he said that there would probably be a video on youtube 10 minutes after anyway.  Well there you go.  While I'm normally very respective of NDAs and things like that, I can't expect that MS seriously believed it would be possible to keep everything they had on display on the showfloor under watch.  Nothing was 'behind closed doors' as it were.  They didn't seem to care at all though past the actual presence of those notices.  I'm sure they're well aware after attending these past years of who PAX is for and what goes on.  Anyway, I'm being much too serious here.  I'm sure they really wanted as much to get out there as possible (aside from the occasional software bug).

I also noticed Shane Kim in the audience (admittedly small, only a few rows of a couple chairs with some people standing near the wall MS's booth was next to).  It's too bad that Peter Moore isn't still around.  I don't believe he came for EA/in general, but I definately would be disappointed if I missed seeing him.

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