Saturday, October 4, 2008

Japan: Takao Miyoshi at CEDEC 2008

(Information started on September 10th)

Takao Miyoshi: PSU Producer
CEDEC: CESA Developers Conference
CESA: Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association

Awhile back, I saw a very interesting article on PSO and PSU.  EspioKaos translated a good deal of it and posted it on a couple sites which are linked below.  The skipped information is mostly just side notes about PSO's critical successes and a few stories from fans.  I highly suggest a read.

The meat of the article lies in what the developers believed contributed to the falling numbers of PSO players and what changes they made to curb the same sort of drop in the number of PSU players.  The article is accompanied by some very interesting graphs.  One shows the userbase over two years of PSO versions 1 and 2 and another shows the PSU userbase split by server set since launch (also two years).

Much can be inferred from this last graph.  First, I should note that below the last graph it mentions that the developers found it surprising that the Xbox 360 version maintained its userbase so well.  I actually find there are a number of reasons why it would remain so stable, but regardless it has been pretty solid for something like 20 months.  The English PC/PS2 version had a fairly steady drop, but is also now somewhat stable.  The Japanese PC/PS2 version almost looks like a rollercoaster, but just as well has become stable in the past several months.  Regardless of the exact values (which weren't released), it isn't the doom and gloom that some players seem to assume.  If we continue along the path we're going, I think we'll be generally fine.  Obviously we'd want a few things here and there to try and spur some growth (or at least keep stability), but the situation isn't that horrible looking at all from what I see.

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