Sunday, October 12, 2008

Japan: PSU Live!

(Information started on September 25th)

September 25th is the day that game keys were first able to be purchased online for Japan for PSUv1.  They could also of course download the client from Sega.  It seems that the team is getting behind it in full and doing some interesting events.  Possibly related is the start of a two week relaunch of last year's First Anniversary event missions.  Both of these were mentioned in prior postings.

Announced on this day were live Hal broadcasts from Gurhal.  Up until October 14th, they'll be streaming various in-game footage online.  The specific program is UtagoeLive100.  Many players (at least outside Japan) use a similar site (Ustream) to stream their own playtime that others can watch.  I wonder if we inspired them (even in the slightest).  There are commericals shown as well on the homepage (these appear in-between sessions).  These aren't only for Phantasy Star games, but also shown is a commercial for Internet Adventure (an online app).

Available by a link on the homepage is a PSU inspired flash minigame.  Use the Up arrow to jump, Right arrow to speed up, Left arrow to speed down, and Space bar to slash.  At the end of the game, there are a couple options.  The top one starts over, the middle one goes back to the title screen, and the bottom one opens the JP PSU homepage.

Also announced was a GM event starring the 'Welcome Girls'.  This ran from September 25th up through October 9th.  If you left a welcome message in your shop description, the GMs were supposed to come by and drop you a gift in an open room decoration spot.  A Sonic figure is pictured, although other gifts may have been given as well.  The GMs were even said to stay and chat a bit if you were available.

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