Thursday, October 2, 2008

Japan: PSU Client on Digital Distribution

(Information started on August 28th)

A long time ago, the PSU client was posted online for players that had a valid game key (in Japan PSU uses download keys in a similar fashion to how PSO used to).  Now that download is being opened up to everyone.

After downloading (site features both direct and P2P), a player can buy a game key online for 1000 yen.  This enables them to play Episode 1 (Story Mode) and gets them a 10 day trial of Network Mode.  The offer starts on September 25th.  It seems to coincide with the close of the Second Anniversary event.  It appears they are also offering a bonus Amy statue to people that take advantage of the offer.

It isn't known whether the expansion will eventually be offered similarly or if either of the English versions will receive the same treatment.

Update: The release time was moved back two hours.

Update: The offer has opened (link to download site below).

JP PSUv1 Download Site (game manual also available)

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