Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Japan: PS2/PC Update for September 25th

(Information started on September 19th)

Quoting EspioKaos:

New temporary missions
Holupe is at it again! Now he's fine-tuned his original training programs and re-released them for the GUARDIANS to test out. These missions will be available only from September 25 through October 9.

The Protectors α+ C-S2
I've made a few adjustments to the training simulator I'd developed for new Guardians. Show me what you've got!

The Protectors β+ C-S2
Just like with ver.α, I've made some adjustments to this version of the program, too. Help me collect some new data from the simulator!

Training Lecture
I've made some adjustments to my original Guardians training program. Come here for an explanation of what to expect.

As these are based on missions from the Winter Event, they will be available to players who only have PSU. The S2 difficulties, however, will be available only to AOTI players.

Mission update
New items will be added to The Arms Dealer.

New items
Numerous new weapons and line shields will be added to the game. Also, NPC shops will have some new items available for purchase.
Interesting to see modified versions of the First Anniversary/Winter Event missions return, especially only for a limited time.  Many of the current modified versions of old event missions are permanent.  These however have two bosses a piece, so that may have been a factor.  It appears some event boosts appear in the GUI on the screenshots they are using, but I haven't heard anything about multipliers being in this time around.

Update: There was another trial weekend following this update.  Link added.

Update: Maintenance is over and there was no client patch.  A mention was made of a correction that happened during the August 7th maintenance.  It appears to have been with the female clothing version of the Rappy Suit.

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