Thursday, October 2, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for September 4th

(Information started on August 29th)

Japan's Second Anniversary event continues.  Update info care of EspioKaos:

Illustration contest winners exhibition
* Winning works from the 2nd Anniversary Thanks Festa illustration contest will be announced on this day and placed on display in various lobbies from September 4 through October 9.
* 1st place (one winner) work will be displayed in Clyez City.
* 2nd place (three winners) work will be displayed in the respective cities of each planet.
* 3rd place (three winners) work will be displayed in the field lobbies of each planet.
* Boys & Girls prize (one winner) work will be displayed in the field lobbies of the GUARDIANS Colony.
* Honorable mention (four winners) work will be displayed in the field lobbies of the three planets and Colony.

Event missions
* The second event mission, The Protectors δ, will be released and remain available until the close of the event on September 25.
* The prologue mission, Government Directive, will be updated to include information on the new event mission.

New items
* Many new weapons, line shields, etc. will drop from the new mission.
It appears this was it for the remainder of the event.  The fan art contest winners will be mentioned in a later post.

Update: There was a posting in the form of a letter from the team to the players in light of PSU's second anniversary.  They of course thank the users for their continued support and bring up the releases of AOTI and recently successful PSP as well as the franchise's 20th Anniversary.  They also mention the upcoming digital purchase of PSUv1.  The team will continue to work on future content for the game and they ask in the standard fashion for continued support as they expand the game.

Update: There is a post about a scheduled maintenance for billing on September 2nd for around a half hour.  Gameplay is still possible, but there may be issues purchasing a subscription with a credit card.

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