Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Japan: More PSU Teased

(Information started on October 10th)

There has been much information out of the recent Tokyo Game Show about recent Phantasy Star titles, but one small bit sure stands out for PSU fans.

Director Satoshi Sakai tells fans to be on the lookout for an additional update.  Obviously there are already various updates and additions made to the game over time, so it's probable that they will soon be giving details on a new expansion of some sort.  If not, maybe it will at least be a major functionality patch (such as one seen around the release of AOTI).  It's been often speculated that there will be a followup to introduce some of the new items and such seen in Phantasy Star Portable.  It was mentioned in an interview once that they wanted to look into new ways of linking PSP with PSU, however that now seems unlikely based on recent announcements.  I'll have more on this in one of my next few posts.

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