Wednesday, October 8, 2008

General: Update for September 26th

(Information started on September 23rd)

Here's a summary of the updates for September 26th:

- Maximum Attack G extension reward delivery (more notes below)
* 10% Grinding Boost [PSUv1]
* Sange
* Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals
* Spread Needle/G
- Bladed Legacy C-S2 (Il Cabo Base towards Granigs Mine)
- Clothes 'n' Parts (in a room accessed in the back of GUARDIANS HQ, split into male and female)
- New weapons, armor, etc.
- New synthesis boards [PSUv1]
- New clothes and parts

The fireworks lobby has been taken down and the seasonal traps are no longer available.  Neudaiz GBR has ended as well.

Update: The JP page confirms that the grinding boost is available from September 26th to October 10th.  It also mentions that Rappy Tip and Treasure Chest would be distributed again to extension participants, however it was not mentioned why.  You can obtain them by logging in any time before October 31st.  A board was added to convert Vestaline to Vulcaline.  Also, all ore boards were updated to a production capacity of 20.  All of these are available at the synthesis shop at the GUARDIANS Colony.

Update: There was a Casino Voloyal rotation that was not mentioned on either update page.  The Modern set has been replaced by the Sweet/Berry set.  PSU Disc 37 has not returned yet.

Update: There was a maintenance extension notice (they estimated up to around 8 hours, but it ended at almost 9).  There was also an end notice.  Neither mentioned any additional changes.

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