Wednesday, October 15, 2008

General: Update for October 10th

(Information started on October 6th)

First of note is that Japan asked users to send in information regarding the recent lag that many players on our side have noticed since Sega moved offices.

As for the update:

- More items at The Collector (Located on Parum in West Holtes City)
* This includes everything listed at PSUP from PSU Disc 48 to Transfer: Neudaiz
* GH490 is also one of the big additions here
- Casino rotation
- New weapons

It appears there were a couple unmentioned updates. The recent update to White Beast seems to have made it in as well as some drops to be used in future exchange missions. I'll make an update when these are sorted out.

Here's an odd note: JP retroactively put this post up dated for the 4th even though it appeared after the English page was updated.

Update: Maintenance ended and no additional changes were listed.

JP 360 Latency Report
EN Update Page
JP 360 Update Page
The Collector at PSUP
PSOW News Article
PSOW Thread
PSUPf Thread
JP 360 Maintenance End


Angelo said...

I'm guessing by "new weapons" they were referring to the skillet sets.

S-T-H said...

Oh that's right. I totally forgot. I must have skimmed over them when I double checked the list too.

When they said 'large' I was expecting a bit more than three. I suppose there could still be other drop chart changes (a couple were even reported), but I just removed the note. Thanks.