Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Other: Fortunately 400th Post

Well, I'd say it's time for a bit of explanation.

First off, I should mention I finally signed into PSUP and started making some contributions.  A couple months ago, I began adding a few numbers here and there.  I got accustomed to making edits pretty fast and was soon looking into ways of cleaning up misplaced data here and there.  I'll save my whole bit on this for a separate post.  I was considering making a post about each site at some point anyway and I'd like to encourage more people to put in an edit here and there.  There's actually a good deal of simple tasks that can be done to help the site out.  Even though I've been linking to them, I don't believe I mentioned that PSUP got a new set of forums.  Coincidentally, it happened about when I decided to start making edits.  Anyway, I've linked them directly below.  I've been referring to them in links as 'PSUPf' (the abbreviation they use).

The other big thing is that I was contacted (also a few months ago) about contributing news articles to PSOW.  I decided to wait until they implemented their new news system.  The major addition was RSS (and a primary reason for me signing on).  You can read about more additions in a link below.  I've also linked my introductory post there.  There will be more features coming (hopefully soon) that should be pretty cool and helpful once implemented.  PSOW in general has been going through quite a few changes and I'm glad I can be a part of it.  A post about PSOW will probably be coming sometime too.

Other random tidbits:

- I'm going to give the podcasts their own section.  I've been meaning to do this awhile and it'll clear up some space in the Community category (which I've had some plans for).  To make sure it fits in, I'll probably finally convert all the 'PC/PS2' articles to 'PS2/PC'.  This is generally how it's referred to officially and I've wanted to just switch them all over (but never did obviously).

- Like I mentioned a few times, I'm going to extend just a bit community wise.  Perhaps I'll get around to those moderator backgrounds and fan site articles.  I might try to add some more commentary too.  The events following the one article I wrote were quite...eventful to say the least.

- I'm a month behind now.  I'll be caught up soon.  I don't really have much of an explanation, but it's rather unnatural for me to leave something hanging like this without at least a notice.  The important thing is that the articles are complete and generally fit in with the rest.

- Quite awhile ago, there started to be some heavy concerns about where we were in comparison to Japan.  I came up with a list breaking down the updates from Japan and which parts we hadn't received yet.  This actually helps a bit with the articles as I make sure to mention which parts of our updates came from which parts of Japan's (although I still have to update the last couple months with this info).  I always planned on cleaning it up and putting it as a permanent link on the side as a running list.  As of now, there is actually a similar list over at PSUP.  There is a difference though as it just contains a straight up list of content and the larger system updates.  It's probably more useful as it links to all the relevant articles on the site (so people can read all about future events and missions).

- Yes, I'm aware of both Phantasy Star Portable and now Phantasy Star 0/Zero.  I've made a number of posts about PSP over at PSOW as it did quite well in sales over in Japan.  I'll get around to talking more about these later.  I probably won't put a ton of focus into them here.  Who knows what the future will hold though.

- I meant this post as a tie-in to this site's first anniversary (August 15th, another milestone), but it obviously got delayed.  At the very least, I hit my not-exactly-official goal range as far as posting goes.  Aside from that, things are about where they should be (outside of being behind).  I can't say I'm displeased with how stuff turned out.

That's enough for now I guess.  I might mention more once I'm finished updating with the September posts.

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Fishboy G5x said...


I've made comments here and there, and this post warrants another, in my opinion.

Firstly, I just want to say that I'm sure I speak for all the users of this site when I say that I'm really grateful for the work you do here. It's no mean feat keeping a site like this up to date, let alone with the additional community work you also do.

With that in mind, you're doing the PSU community real credit with the attitude and assistance you provide at all levels.

Basically, thank you.

Fishboy G5x