Monday, September 22, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for August 21st

(Information started on August 19th)

Here are the updates for this week:

- 2nd Anniversary Event lobbies (August 21st to September 4th) [PSUv1]
- Fireworks lobbies (August 21st to September 25th) [PSUv1]
- 2nd Anniversary Thanks Festa Event Start (Missions available from GUARDIANS HQ)
* The Protectors γ C-S2 (August 21st to September 25th)
* Government Directive (August 21st to September 25th)
- More items at "The Arms Dealer"
- New weapons, armor, etc.
- De Ragan's Breath and Fireworks added to NPC shops (August 21st to September 25th) [PSUv1]
- Level cap raised to 160
- Adjustments made to enemy drops in AOTI missions
- Rare mission update (notes below)
- Organization of parties at mission counters (notes below)
- My Room shop pricing adjustment (notes below)

This rare mission update changes a few things.  Any member that has been in the party for 80+ percent of the time has a chance at an allowance of a rare mission (as opposed to just the leader).  Larger parties will no longer have increased chances, however players with a chance at a rare mission will not lose it if the party's current leader uses their's.  You cannot collect chances, you only get one active at a time.  This update will be easy to spot as you can actually see if you obtained a go at a rare mission or not.

Joinable parties will now be placed at the front of the list.  They'll be sorted by creation time or the last time the size of the party decreased (that hadn't been by the kicking of a player).

If you wish to edit the price of an item in your shop, the counter will now start out at the current value (as opposed to 0).  When adding a duplicate item, the counter will default to the price of the highest priced item listed of the same type.

Update: Event page updates.  Various data added to event site based off server tracking from last year of gameplay. GM event details given.  Trial weekend information given.

Update: There was apparently an update to their ToS.  The changes weren't really specified.

Update: Due to an issue, they are extending the open weekend for another day.

Update: Maintenance is over and the client version is now 2.0009.1.  The in-client ToS has been updated.  A fix was made to Lumilass.  From what I can tell, the prices did not feature the color update that was implimented earlier this year.

Update: The report from the GM Boys has been put out for Ultimate Attack 6 (the prior event).

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