Monday, September 22, 2008

General: Update for August 22nd

(Information started on August 21st)

Here is a breakdown of the update for August 22nd:

- Fireworks lobbies (August 22nd to September 26th) [PSUv1]
* De Ragan's Breath and Fireworks available from NPC shops [former is PSUv1]
- Episode 3 Chapter 5
- Flowery Pursuit C-S2 (Saguraki C.D. towards Ohtoku City)
- Phantom Fissure C-S (Rare mission accessed at random from various Neudaiz mission counters)
- New S2 difficulty for Sakura Blast, Sacred Stream, White Beast, Hill of Spores, and Dancing Birds
- Neudaiz GUARDIANS Boost Road (August 22nd to September 26th)
* Contains Hill of Spores, Dancing Birds, Flowery Pursuit, Sacred Stream, and White Beast
- Maximum Attack G second run ends
* Maximum Attack G' C-A (permanent version of MAG that has been reworked)
* Program DF' C-A (same as above)
* Gifts from Beyond is still available for Weapons Badge redemption
* Hit the Counter! is still available for players who didn't pick up their milestone rewards
- More weapons and boards made available to NPC shops
- PSU Disc 76 made available at Casino Voloyal
- Lots more items will become available from the new missions and mission difficulties

Definately a big update.  However, there are no other big content additions for the time that this GBR is going on.

Update: A notice was posted that maintenance would take longer than planned.

Update: Maintenance has ended with no system changes.

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