Monday, September 22, 2008

Community: More PSO-World Updates

(Information started on August 1st)

I mentioned there was an update to the forums awhile back, so I think it's worth it to have another notice of some changes.

First off, the front page was updated to reflect the style of the new forums. There is in fact a certain level of integration here. Various updates have been made to the news system including a better search for the archive and finally an RSS feed. I'll go more into specifics on this later as there are a few other interesting tidbits (including more arriving in the future).

As of recently, all other site pages have been updated to the new style. This of course includes the databases, guides, and everything else. More themes, avatars, and other stuff have been added alongside. Awhile ago, a new database just for pictures was also added to the site.

The site will continue to undergo changes and additions, but at least for this moment in time it once again seems quite solid. Credits go to Ryna for all the work put in to the upgrades.

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