Saturday, August 16, 2008

MAG: Leaderboard and Statistics Tracking Pages

(Information started on August 12th)

Official forum user Toothball has come up with a few pages on his website to track some data based off the kill ranking leaderboards on the official MAG pages.

The 'Alternative Leaderboards' link contains a couple different setups. One is a full leaderboard with all 500 characters listed at once. Another is a list that combines the totals of users that have multiple characters on the leaderboard. The other is a short summary of the leaderboard to see where kill counts are at divisions of 100.

The 'Leaderboards Statistics' link has all sorts of interesting data. You can see accounts that have multiple characters on the current leaderboards as well as across the new and old leaderboards.

Update: A recently added page allows you to add your own position into the summary leaderboard (as long as you are in the top 500 of course).

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Leaderboards Statistics
Customizable Summary Leaderboard
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