Thursday, August 14, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for July 24th

(Information started on July 22nd)

The update for the week of July 24th has been posted. Here's the breakdown:

- Phantasy Star Portable lobbies (July 24th to August 21st) [PSUv1]
- Innocent Girl C-A (EspioKaos's translation)
- notes below
- Event item exchange mission will remain available to allow players to finish redeeming prizes
- "Hit the Counter" mission will remain available for players that didn't collect their prize
- New weapons
- Event items will still be available (probably just as mentioned above)

The new mission is a sort of "side story" mission to tie in PSU with PSP. An interesting note to make is that (like in PSP) weapon badges drop. This basically helps continue the usefulness of MAG's Gifts from Beyond. Using the character transfer option for PSP (started on July 31st), it is possible to obtain Whitill Wings and Vivienne Fluge for your PSU characters.

Ultimate Attack 6 ended after this maintenance. The 200 million milestone was another update to the Magashi event mission. The 225 million milestone appears to be a 15% bonus to weapon grinding. The last listed milestone (250 million) was not unlocked.

Update: There was a patch and the game's version at this point was 2.0008.4. They mentioned that the event was closed. Universes 24-26 had their names changed (to take away their designation as recommending event play there). They don't really seem to mention why the patch was done, but perhaps it has to do with PSP's integration.

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