Friday, August 15, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for August 7th

(Information started on August 1st)

Japan's August 7th update has been posted. Here's some details:

- Ultimate Attack 6 reward delivery (more notes below)
* Super Holy Light [PSUv1]
* Item Synthesis Bonus +20% [PSUv1]
* Free Makeovers at Lumilass [PSUv1]
* Clothes and Parts sold at 50% discount [PSUv1]
* Grinding Bonus +15% [PSUv1]
* SONIC DISC (jukebox disc)
* G. Colony Collectible (room decoration)
- More items at "The Clothier"
- New Casino items
- New clothes (some of these are pictured and are found at "The Clothier")
- Enemy drop changes in missions released after AOTI (nonspecific)

Items will be distributed to your common box if you log in to PSU at some point after this maintenance (but possibly not later than the September 30th maintenance). Players should also make sure to pull out their synthesis items before the rewards period ends (as the calculations for succeeding are done at that point). Also don't forget that you can always clear space in your common box and relogin to obtain items that wouldn't fit the first time.

As mentioned before, "The Clothier" makes available clothing that had only been available during major events. I've linked the relevant PSUP article below.

The drop changes apparently amount to adding some of the items needed to trade in to obtain these articles of clothing.

Update: After maintenance, there was no change to PSU's version. There were a few small updates to "Innocent Girl" concerning the character download feature as well as a bugfix to Vivienne.

Update: Portions of JP's PSU support center will be closed for upwards of two weeks. They will of course respond to messages received during this time when they return.

Update: It was mentioned after a later maintenance that a correction was made during this maintenance to the female clothing version of the Rappy Suit.

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