Thursday, August 14, 2008

Japan: Maintenance for July 29th, None for 31st

(Information started on July 24nd)

There was something like a 7 hour maintenance period scheduled for July 29th. Perhaps this was in preparation for PSP's launch.

The normal maintenance period for the week (the 31st) was cancelled. Considering this was the release of PSP (and there are integration features), they probably wanted as much uptime as possible.

Update: Maintenance has ended with no changes.

Update: Sonic Team announced that they shipped out the real life prizes for Ultimate Attack 6.

Update: An announcement was made concerning a user that was suspended on July 11th. Seemed to be a light month. Either that or the user did something quite bad.

JP Emergency Maintenance
JP No Maintenance
JP Maintenance End
UA6 Prizes Shipped
Misconduct Report

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