Thursday, August 14, 2008

General: Update for August 1st

(Information started on July 24th)

Confirmation of the MAG extension came in the form of a bit of a notice from Sonic Team a week ahead of time. Many of the details for MAG's extension came from a GM Support Session that I happened to attend the day after. This included that the already obtained rewards would come with the extension with any others to follow. Also the statues from the Sonic's Birthday event would be given out. A mention was made that the normal Rappies would appear during the extension (unlike Rappy Paskas in the first run) and that Jaggo Actes would appear (also odd since this year they are linked up with the Holy Light Festa lobbies). The update page was actually put out on the 25th (much earlier than usual and far before Japan's).

Here's the breakdown:

- Holy Light Festa lobbies with Jaggo Actes (August 1st to 21st) [PSUv1]
- Maximum Attack G reward delivery (more notes below)
* Rappy Tip
* Treasure Chest
* Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals
* Spread Needle / G
* Super Holy Light [PSUv1]
* Item Synthesis Bonus +20% [PSUv1]
* Free Makeovers at Lumilass [PSUv1]
* Clothes and Parts sold at 50% discount [PSUv1]
- Knuckles and Amy statues delivery (more notes below) [PSUv1]
- Maximum Attack G C-S (August 1st to 21st)
- Gifts from Beyond
- Hit the Counter
- Holy Light Festa room decoration in Variety Shop (August 1st to 21st) [PSUv1]
- New items in the Casino and a rotation (more notes below)
- Level cap raised to 140 [PSUv1]
- Universe Transporters added to GUARDIANS HQ as well as the Branches [PSUv1]
- Photon Chargers and NPC Vendors added to each GUARDIANS Branch [PSUv1]

The non item rewards and extension were planned to last for two weeks, however Sonic Team is on holiday so they will both last three (from August 1st to the 21st). Items distributed to the common box can be picked up until at least September 30th. All you have to do is log in and you'll get them delivered. I think there was some confusion before about this. Some people thought that the prizes are automatically given to everyone that played in the event and then removed after a certain date. Instead, they are delivered when you log in and remain there (there is no worry that they'll be removed). Only people that played in the original MAG event will qualify for the current set of rewards. I'm pretty sure though that everyone that plays in the extension will qualify for the last two. Given, one of these should apply to everyone (even nonexpansion players as it isn't an item).

Update: While it was mentioned that there would be new Casino stuff (at least one) on both EN and JP sites, there are in fact no 'new' items (however there was a rotation). It's possible that the release is flawed. The Goth series is back and the Goth Night Stand has been renamed Goth Nightstand. PSU Disc 37 (Marriage) is missing on both servers for some reason. Modern Clock (which should have rotated out) is still there. I guess I should also note that Jenkel Arms CV is still missing from the shops on the 360 servers. The Treasure Chest is tradeable (even though it is a Casino purchase in Japan). I actually wonder if we'll see this appear in our Casino and when (it's actually a very high priced one).

Update: It's said that during this extension it will be possible for characters that weren't scratched off the first MAG list for cheating to obtain rewards (instead of them preventing any characters from accounts that got rewards prior to compete). I've linked the thread about it below.

Update: On the English MAG site, there is a notice that mentions you might have had to play in both MAG events to obtain the rewards from the extension. I don't believe it mentions it on the JP site. I'll probably look into it before the extension is over to try and confirm either way. What I assume it means is that players from MAG1 will have to play again in MAG2. I don't think that MAG2 players that didn't play in MAG1 will be excluded, but I can't say for sure.

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