Saturday, August 16, 2008

MAG: Leaderboard and Statistics Tracking Pages

(Information started on August 12th)

Official forum user Toothball has come up with a few pages on his website to track some data based off the kill ranking leaderboards on the official MAG pages.

The 'Alternative Leaderboards' link contains a couple different setups. One is a full leaderboard with all 500 characters listed at once. Another is a list that combines the totals of users that have multiple characters on the leaderboard. The other is a short summary of the leaderboard to see where kill counts are at divisions of 100.

The 'Leaderboards Statistics' link has all sorts of interesting data. You can see accounts that have multiple characters on the current leaderboards as well as across the new and old leaderboards.

Update: A recently added page allows you to add your own position into the summary leaderboard (as long as you are in the top 500 of course).

Discussion Thread
Alternative Leaderboards
Leaderboards Statistics
Customizable Summary Leaderboard
MAG Extension Page
Original MAG Page

Podcast: PSU Community Podcast Season 2 Episode I

(Information started on July 31st)

PSU_Castor (now also known as GM RubyEclipse) and Iceman (also known as Lucente) have finally returned in the new season of their podcast.

The special guest this time is player 360NyTeMaRe. Another notable occurance is the premiere of the Sonic Unleashed theme song.

Season 2 Thread
Season 1 Archive Thread

Friday, August 15, 2008

General: Super Holy Light Reward Temporarily Broken

(Information started on August 7th)

It would seem that right after the time when maintenance would usually start on the 7th, the 3 star photon fortune given out as MAG reward disappeared. It appears that Sonic Team was able to quickly hold an emergency maintenance to fix the problem.

Official Forum Thread
Maintenance Thread
JP 360 Emergency Maintenance
JP 360 Maintenance End

Japan: No Maintenance for August 14th

(Information started on August 7th)

There was no maintenance for the servers this week. This might have to do with the break, but there was also a small content update last week.

JP No Maintenance

General: No Maintenance for August 8th and 15th

(Information started on August 7th)

The JP 360 page reported that there would be no maintenance for two weeks. The EN PC/PS2 servers also didn't go down for either maintenance.

JP 360 No Maintenance

Japan: 2nd Anniversary Thanks Festa Page Opens

(Information started on August 7th)

Sonic Team has posted the homepage for the 2nd anniversary event quite early.

I've linked a page at PSUP below that is being compiled on what is known about the event currently. It will be fairly similar to last year's though (except featuring expansion content). The 1st anniversary event was turned into EN's Winter Event.

They've already been collecting fan art submissions for another contest like last year's.

2nd Anniversary Thanks Festa
PSUP 2nd Thanks Festa Page

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for August 7th

(Information started on August 1st)

Japan's August 7th update has been posted. Here's some details:

- Ultimate Attack 6 reward delivery (more notes below)
* Super Holy Light [PSUv1]
* Item Synthesis Bonus +20% [PSUv1]
* Free Makeovers at Lumilass [PSUv1]
* Clothes and Parts sold at 50% discount [PSUv1]
* Grinding Bonus +15% [PSUv1]
* SONIC DISC (jukebox disc)
* G. Colony Collectible (room decoration)
- More items at "The Clothier"
- New Casino items
- New clothes (some of these are pictured and are found at "The Clothier")
- Enemy drop changes in missions released after AOTI (nonspecific)

Items will be distributed to your common box if you log in to PSU at some point after this maintenance (but possibly not later than the September 30th maintenance). Players should also make sure to pull out their synthesis items before the rewards period ends (as the calculations for succeeding are done at that point). Also don't forget that you can always clear space in your common box and relogin to obtain items that wouldn't fit the first time.

As mentioned before, "The Clothier" makes available clothing that had only been available during major events. I've linked the relevant PSUP article below.

The drop changes apparently amount to adding some of the items needed to trade in to obtain these articles of clothing.

Update: After maintenance, there was no change to PSU's version. There were a few small updates to "Innocent Girl" concerning the character download feature as well as a bugfix to Vivienne.

Update: Portions of JP's PSU support center will be closed for upwards of two weeks. They will of course respond to messages received during this time when they return.

Update: It was mentioned after a later maintenance that a correction was made during this maintenance to the female clothing version of the Rappy Suit.

JP Update Page
JP End Maintenance Notes
JP Support Center Break
PSOW Thread
PSUPf Thread
The Clothier at PSUP

MAG: Twelfth (and Last) Milestone Hit

(Information started on August 5th)

That wraps up the milestone rewards for this event, but remember to get all the badges you need before the 21st!

EN MAG 2 Page

MAG: Eleventh Milestone Hit

(Information started on August 2nd)

In just the second day in, we managed to hit the second to last milestone.

EN MAG 2 Page

Thursday, August 14, 2008

General: Update for August 1st

(Information started on July 24th)

Confirmation of the MAG extension came in the form of a bit of a notice from Sonic Team a week ahead of time. Many of the details for MAG's extension came from a GM Support Session that I happened to attend the day after. This included that the already obtained rewards would come with the extension with any others to follow. Also the statues from the Sonic's Birthday event would be given out. A mention was made that the normal Rappies would appear during the extension (unlike Rappy Paskas in the first run) and that Jaggo Actes would appear (also odd since this year they are linked up with the Holy Light Festa lobbies). The update page was actually put out on the 25th (much earlier than usual and far before Japan's).

Here's the breakdown:

- Holy Light Festa lobbies with Jaggo Actes (August 1st to 21st) [PSUv1]
- Maximum Attack G reward delivery (more notes below)
* Rappy Tip
* Treasure Chest
* Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals
* Spread Needle / G
* Super Holy Light [PSUv1]
* Item Synthesis Bonus +20% [PSUv1]
* Free Makeovers at Lumilass [PSUv1]
* Clothes and Parts sold at 50% discount [PSUv1]
- Knuckles and Amy statues delivery (more notes below) [PSUv1]
- Maximum Attack G C-S (August 1st to 21st)
- Gifts from Beyond
- Hit the Counter
- Holy Light Festa room decoration in Variety Shop (August 1st to 21st) [PSUv1]
- New items in the Casino and a rotation (more notes below)
- Level cap raised to 140 [PSUv1]
- Universe Transporters added to GUARDIANS HQ as well as the Branches [PSUv1]
- Photon Chargers and NPC Vendors added to each GUARDIANS Branch [PSUv1]

The non item rewards and extension were planned to last for two weeks, however Sonic Team is on holiday so they will both last three (from August 1st to the 21st). Items distributed to the common box can be picked up until at least September 30th. All you have to do is log in and you'll get them delivered. I think there was some confusion before about this. Some people thought that the prizes are automatically given to everyone that played in the event and then removed after a certain date. Instead, they are delivered when you log in and remain there (there is no worry that they'll be removed). Only people that played in the original MAG event will qualify for the current set of rewards. I'm pretty sure though that everyone that plays in the extension will qualify for the last two. Given, one of these should apply to everyone (even nonexpansion players as it isn't an item).

Update: While it was mentioned that there would be new Casino stuff (at least one) on both EN and JP sites, there are in fact no 'new' items (however there was a rotation). It's possible that the release is flawed. The Goth series is back and the Goth Night Stand has been renamed Goth Nightstand. PSU Disc 37 (Marriage) is missing on both servers for some reason. Modern Clock (which should have rotated out) is still there. I guess I should also note that Jenkel Arms CV is still missing from the shops on the 360 servers. The Treasure Chest is tradeable (even though it is a Casino purchase in Japan). I actually wonder if we'll see this appear in our Casino and when (it's actually a very high priced one).

Update: It's said that during this extension it will be possible for characters that weren't scratched off the first MAG list for cheating to obtain rewards (instead of them preventing any characters from accounts that got rewards prior to compete). I've linked the thread about it below.

Update: On the English MAG site, there is a notice that mentions you might have had to play in both MAG events to obtain the rewards from the extension. I don't believe it mentions it on the JP site. I'll probably look into it before the extension is over to try and confirm either way. What I assume it means is that players from MAG1 will have to play again in MAG2. I don't think that MAG2 players that didn't play in MAG1 will be excluded, but I can't say for sure.

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Note from Sonic Team
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General: PSU Calendar Wallpaper for August

(Information started on August 4th)

This month's English version of the calendar has been posted. Only changes this time include the normal addition of artist credit as well as the English AOTI logo.

Someone pointed out to me recently that the 'T' in 'The' is capitalized in the logo they use for our versions. I surprisingly hadn't noticed this before...

Wallpaper Page

Japan: PSU Calendar Wallpaper for August

(Information started on July 25th)

July's calendar is now posted. Linked below you'll find it in various resolutions.

PSU Calendar

General: Mission Spotlight for July 25th through July 31st

(Information started on July 25th)

This week's Mission Spotlight has Galenigare Lake as the featured lobby. This includes an outstanding four missions (Desert Goliath, Tunnel Recapture, Lonely Laboratory, and Rogues' Shortcut). Players also of course have a chance of running Forest of Illusion.

Update: It would seem that Mission Spotlights won't be run during events. This makes a good deal of sense though. I wouldn't expect another spotlight until after the MAG extension is over.

Mission Spotlight Page
Announcement Thread

Japan: Maintenance for July 29th, None for 31st

(Information started on July 24nd)

There was something like a 7 hour maintenance period scheduled for July 29th. Perhaps this was in preparation for PSP's launch.

The normal maintenance period for the week (the 31st) was cancelled. Considering this was the release of PSP (and there are integration features), they probably wanted as much uptime as possible.

Update: Maintenance has ended with no changes.

Update: Sonic Team announced that they shipped out the real life prizes for Ultimate Attack 6.

Update: An announcement was made concerning a user that was suspended on July 11th. Seemed to be a light month. Either that or the user did something quite bad.

JP Emergency Maintenance
JP No Maintenance
JP Maintenance End
UA6 Prizes Shipped
Misconduct Report

General: Maintenance for July 23rd, None for 25th

(Information started on July 22nd)

There was a three hour period at the very beginning of July 23rd (Pacific Time) where Sega's ISP did some maintenance work. According to a few users, the downtime was no more than 10-15 minutes.

The normal maintenance period for the week (the 25th) was cancelled for both sets of servers.

Update: There was a hefty Gameguard update for PC users on the 25th. Being that there was no maintenance, this just was downloaded the next time PSU was logged into.

JP 360 Notice
Chillaura's Post
JP 360 No Maintenance

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for July 24th

(Information started on July 22nd)

The update for the week of July 24th has been posted. Here's the breakdown:

- Phantasy Star Portable lobbies (July 24th to August 21st) [PSUv1]
- Innocent Girl C-A (EspioKaos's translation)
- notes below
- Event item exchange mission will remain available to allow players to finish redeeming prizes
- "Hit the Counter" mission will remain available for players that didn't collect their prize
- New weapons
- Event items will still be available (probably just as mentioned above)

The new mission is a sort of "side story" mission to tie in PSU with PSP. An interesting note to make is that (like in PSP) weapon badges drop. This basically helps continue the usefulness of MAG's Gifts from Beyond. Using the character transfer option for PSP (started on July 31st), it is possible to obtain Whitill Wings and Vivienne Fluge for your PSU characters.

Ultimate Attack 6 ended after this maintenance. The 200 million milestone was another update to the Magashi event mission. The 225 million milestone appears to be a 15% bonus to weapon grinding. The last listed milestone (250 million) was not unlocked.

Update: There was a patch and the game's version at this point was 2.0008.4. They mentioned that the event was closed. Universes 24-26 had their names changed (to take away their designation as recommending event play there). They don't really seem to mention why the patch was done, but perhaps it has to do with PSP's integration.

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PSUPf Thread
PSOW UA6 Thread
PSUP Shred the Darkness Page
UA6 Homepage
Innocent Girl on PSUP
Game Server Update

Other: On Being Behind

I know I've been quite behind on updating. I can't even really explain why, although it might have something to do with a few factors that a few people might already be aware of. Anyway, I didn't just disappear never to return and I have been intending for awhile to get back in action here. So here's what's going to happen:

I'm going to start posting all of the back information since my last post. Obviously, there is much information that is going to be late. However, this blog's main priority is as a timeline for PSU. Punctuality is also a priority (if only not to end up falling behind), though clearly I haven't met that the past few weeks as it seems I left things in the dust. I'm not going to be creative and write things as if they were just happening, but I might say when things were mentioned. Most everything should be in order and there will probably still be 'updates' (even though I'd know prior to posting if there were any).

So let's get back on track and I'll mention when I'm done catching up (and what's been going on).