Monday, July 14, 2008

Xbox 360: Game Installs and More

Monday morning's Microsoft press conference at E3 definately had a number of great announcements. After which, a number of bulletpoints were thrown up on one of Microsoft's blogs. Some of these are very positive for PSU players. Here's a few of the more relevant ones:

- Game installs. You can basically dump your game disc onto your 360's harddrive. All you need is to have the disc in whenever you want to play. This is going to really help a number of things. One I suppose is load times, although from what I've seen they're already trading off here and there with the PC version. The disc won't be spinning, which should alleviate unnecessary noise from some of the louder DVD drives. It should also help extend the life of 360s that are still at risk of RROD (because certain issues relate to the DVD drive itself). The other thing is that the common issue of PSU discs becoming unplayable (whether by wearing out or by freezing at certain points in the game) should not be as much of a problem anymore. This has been more of an issue as time goes on with the worsening availability of the original PSU for 360.

- Dashboard built into new guide. [As long as you have the PSU disc in the tray] You can launch PSU instantly from doing anything else. You could be watching a video or playing an XBLA game and be able to just launch PSU without going back to the normal navigation screen.

- 16x10 resolutions. Over VGA or HDMI, 1440x900 and 1680x1050 will be possible.

A few other interesting points are listed in the post below.

Gamerscore Blog Post

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