Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for July 10th

This week's update (translated by EspioKaos):

Shred the Darkness missions (sth note: July 10th to 24th)
The Fourth Seal C-S2
In order to activate the fourth confinement system, a photon generator must be installed on Rykros. A new SEED core species and a Dulk Fakis are all that stand in our way. Purify them and start the system!

Dark Crystal Seeker
New items will be added to this exchange mission.

Shred the Darkness prologue mission
This mission will be updated to give details on The Fourth Seal.

GUARDIANS Boost Road - Gurhal Drop Boost
Running from July 10 through July 24, this GBR will be for the following missions:
Roar of the Fiery Beast
Divine Offensive
The Fourth Seal

New items
Many new weapons, line shields and room decorations will be added.

Rare enemy change (sth note: July 10th to 24th)
Jaggo Actes are being released until the end of the event to coincide
with the Holy Light Festival on Neudaiz.
Having a GBR for an event is definately new. It's all still pretty much stuff for the current event though.

By the way, I've been meaning to post this since it went up, but I've been a bit busy. It shouldn't be too much longer before I'm back in the swing of things.

Update: Almost forgot to mention the current unlocks. Three more have been since the last update. 80 million is 50% off clothes and parts for 2 weeks. After this point a new group of boxes became viewable. 100 million was found to be an update to the Magashi event mission. 120 million is free Lumilass for 2 weeks.

Update: A post was put up about another billing maintenance period. Hopefully they can manage to work out all the issues they've been having over there.

Update: JP put up a page with short profiles of many of their GMs. I suppose it's mostly to familiarize players with the event BOYS and GIRLS.

Update: Link added for post update notes. There have been a few design changes and a bugfix. I might have more details on this later. I've also added a note about billing maintenance for next week. For around 3 hours on Wednesday (Tuesday US time) you will not be able to purchase a subscription. It shouldn't affect gameplay though.

On a separate note, they are opening artist submissions for this year's PSU anniversary event. The contest will work pretty much the same as last year's. July 11th through August 16th are the submission dates. They'll announce and display the results during the event in September.

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