Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Japan: No Maintenance for July 17th

The current event continues and there won't be any updates for this week. However, I will mention that it appears JP has unlocked three more milestones. 140 million is a model of the Guardians Colony as a room decoration. 160 million is 300 t-shirts given out at random. 180 million is a 20% boost to weapon and line shield synthesizing.

Update: The FAQ has been updated with more information on SEGA Link IDs.

Update: It seems that there is an issue with synthesizing the Twin Bouquet. Link added.

Update: The photos page for Sonic's Birthday has gone up.

Update: There was billing maintenance for an estimated 15 hours on this date. Link added.

Billing Maintenance
JP No Maintenance
UA6 Homepage
Switch Billing FAQ
Twin Bouquet Bug
Sonic Birthday Event

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