Tuesday, July 1, 2008

General: PSU Weekly Mission Spotlight

For the past few weeks, GM RubyEclipse has been taking user opinions on various missions that players would be interested to play outside of White Beast (which as of exactly 7 months ago has all but taken over much of the interest in the game). Recently it was announced that these missions will take spotlight in rotation from week to week.

This week (June 30th to July 6th) features the Raffon Field Base. The focus is on the missions Plains Overlord and Sleeping Warriors. Players that run with GMs during this time have the chance of winning some real life PSU merchandise.

Oddly enough there hasn't been a news post yet, but they put the section so close to the message board link that it was hard not to notice it. I've linked that as well as the forum announcement.

Mission Spotlight Page
Announcement Thread

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