Wednesday, July 2, 2008

General: No Maintenance for July 4th

JP is reporting that there won't be maintenance this week for the 360 servers. There most likely won't be for PC/PS2 either, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Remember that this week will be the end of the current seasonal lobbies. Any last Jaggo Sonichi hunts or Parum Unity Souvenir purchases should be taken care of by then.

Update: EspioKaos made me realize something. Since the servers aren't going down they'd have to leave some stuff in tact, most notably the fact that the Parum Unity Souvenir will still be in the shops until July 18th. The lobbies/Jaggos should have no problem disappearing though.

Update: Seems there was not a maintenance for PC/PS2 either.

Update: Here's the link to JP's update page for June 20th again. They've updated it to mention that the Parum Unity Souvenir would still be sold until July 18th. I didn't make this clear earlier.

JP 360 No Maintenance
JP 360 Update Page for June 20th


Angelo said...

The Parum Unity decoration appears to still be on sale on Xbox 360.

S-T-H said...

Oh, sorry for not making it more clear. JP updated their last 360 update page to mention that the room decoration would still be there until the 18th.