Tuesday, July 8, 2008

General: Mission Spotlight for This Week and More Details

This week the GMs will be appearing in some runs of Bruce's Dungeon. Moatoob's GUARDIANS Branch will of course be the place to be. The applicable universes are 2 for PC/PS2 and 1 through 4 for Xbox 360.

There is now a FAQ that answers some common questions relating to the events. Most notably, it seems that European players participating will have no problems receiving real life prizes.

Update: Added a thread polling users for the next Mission Spotlight selection.

Update: The mission spotlight page has been updated appropriately for Bruce's Dungeon week. It also appears that next week's mission may end up being The Egg Theives from the current poll numbers.

Mission Spotlight Page
FAQ Thread
Mission Spotlight for July 7th to 13th
Poll Thread

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