Thursday, July 17, 2008

General: Mission Spotlight for July 17th to 24th

This week's mission spotlight will indeed be The Egg Thieves (located at the GUARDIANS Branch on Parum). Also, there has been a schedule change. The spotlights will run from Friday until the Thursday of the following week.

A poll has already gone up for the following week's mission/set of missions. The current numbers are leaning towards Galenigare Lake as the featured lobby. This would (if chosen) include an outstanding four missions (Desert Goliath, Tunnel Recapture, Lonely Laboratory, and Rogues' Shortcut). Given, that could all change in a short time.

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General: No Maintenance for July 18th

Japan is saying that the 360 will have no maintenance period for this week. It's probable that there won't be PC/PS2 maintenance either. A large update is expected to arrive next week.

Update: Seems all of the servers are still up, so everyone gets more time this week.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Japan: No Maintenance for July 17th

The current event continues and there won't be any updates for this week. However, I will mention that it appears JP has unlocked three more milestones. 140 million is a model of the Guardians Colony as a room decoration. 160 million is 300 t-shirts given out at random. 180 million is a 20% boost to weapon and line shield synthesizing.

Update: The FAQ has been updated with more information on SEGA Link IDs.

Update: It seems that there is an issue with synthesizing the Twin Bouquet. Link added.

Update: The photos page for Sonic's Birthday has gone up.

Update: There was billing maintenance for an estimated 15 hours on this date. Link added.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

General: More About the Server Move

Sega shut down the servers a bit earlier than planned (9 PM Pacific on Sunday).

Now, the PC/PS2 servers are back up as of 9:30 PM Pacific on Monday. It is expected that the Xbox 360 servers will be up after another day of wait.

Update: The Xbox 360 servers are now up as of 1:30 AM Pacific on Wednesday. However, Universes 13 and 14 are still down. It should be fixed soon. I've also linked the news item about it from JP.

Update: Added announcement thread about the successful move.

Server Move Thread
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Xbox 360: Game Installs and More

Monday morning's Microsoft press conference at E3 definately had a number of great announcements. After which, a number of bulletpoints were thrown up on one of Microsoft's blogs. Some of these are very positive for PSU players. Here's a few of the more relevant ones:

- Game installs. You can basically dump your game disc onto your 360's harddrive. All you need is to have the disc in whenever you want to play. This is going to really help a number of things. One I suppose is load times, although from what I've seen they're already trading off here and there with the PC version. The disc won't be spinning, which should alleviate unnecessary noise from some of the louder DVD drives. It should also help extend the life of 360s that are still at risk of RROD (because certain issues relate to the DVD drive itself). The other thing is that the common issue of PSU discs becoming unplayable (whether by wearing out or by freezing at certain points in the game) should not be as much of a problem anymore. This has been more of an issue as time goes on with the worsening availability of the original PSU for 360.

- Dashboard built into new guide. [As long as you have the PSU disc in the tray] You can launch PSU instantly from doing anything else. You could be watching a video or playing an XBLA game and be able to just launch PSU without going back to the normal navigation screen.

- 16x10 resolutions. Over VGA or HDMI, 1440x900 and 1680x1050 will be possible.

A few other interesting points are listed in the post below.

Gamerscore Blog Post

Friday, July 11, 2008

General: No Maintenance for July 11th

Rather obvious at this point, but there will once again not be maintenance this week. Next week the server move will occur and after which there should hopefully be a fairly hefty update.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for July 10th

This week's update (translated by EspioKaos):

Shred the Darkness missions (sth note: July 10th to 24th)
The Fourth Seal C-S2
In order to activate the fourth confinement system, a photon generator must be installed on Rykros. A new SEED core species and a Dulk Fakis are all that stand in our way. Purify them and start the system!

Dark Crystal Seeker
New items will be added to this exchange mission.

Shred the Darkness prologue mission
This mission will be updated to give details on The Fourth Seal.

GUARDIANS Boost Road - Gurhal Drop Boost
Running from July 10 through July 24, this GBR will be for the following missions:
Roar of the Fiery Beast
Divine Offensive
The Fourth Seal

New items
Many new weapons, line shields and room decorations will be added.

Rare enemy change (sth note: July 10th to 24th)
Jaggo Actes are being released until the end of the event to coincide
with the Holy Light Festival on Neudaiz.
Having a GBR for an event is definately new. It's all still pretty much stuff for the current event though.

By the way, I've been meaning to post this since it went up, but I've been a bit busy. It shouldn't be too much longer before I'm back in the swing of things.

Update: Almost forgot to mention the current unlocks. Three more have been since the last update. 80 million is 50% off clothes and parts for 2 weeks. After this point a new group of boxes became viewable. 100 million was found to be an update to the Magashi event mission. 120 million is free Lumilass for 2 weeks.

Update: A post was put up about another billing maintenance period. Hopefully they can manage to work out all the issues they've been having over there.

Update: JP put up a page with short profiles of many of their GMs. I suppose it's mostly to familiarize players with the event BOYS and GIRLS.

Update: Link added for post update notes. There have been a few design changes and a bugfix. I might have more details on this later. I've also added a note about billing maintenance for next week. For around 3 hours on Wednesday (Tuesday US time) you will not be able to purchase a subscription. It shouldn't affect gameplay though.

On a separate note, they are opening artist submissions for this year's PSU anniversary event. The contest will work pretty much the same as last year's. July 11th through August 16th are the submission dates. They'll announce and display the results during the event in September.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

General: Mission Spotlight for This Week and More Details

This week the GMs will be appearing in some runs of Bruce's Dungeon. Moatoob's GUARDIANS Branch will of course be the place to be. The applicable universes are 2 for PC/PS2 and 1 through 4 for Xbox 360.

There is now a FAQ that answers some common questions relating to the events. Most notably, it seems that European players participating will have no problems receiving real life prizes.

Update: Added a thread polling users for the next Mission Spotlight selection.

Update: The mission spotlight page has been updated appropriately for Bruce's Dungeon week. It also appears that next week's mission may end up being The Egg Theives from the current poll numbers.

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Mission Spotlight for July 7th to 13th
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

General: No Maintenance for July 4th

JP is reporting that there won't be maintenance this week for the 360 servers. There most likely won't be for PC/PS2 either, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Remember that this week will be the end of the current seasonal lobbies. Any last Jaggo Sonichi hunts or Parum Unity Souvenir purchases should be taken care of by then.

Update: EspioKaos made me realize something. Since the servers aren't going down they'd have to leave some stuff in tact, most notably the fact that the Parum Unity Souvenir will still be in the shops until July 18th. The lobbies/Jaggos should have no problem disappearing though.

Update: Seems there was not a maintenance for PC/PS2 either.

Update: Here's the link to JP's update page for June 20th again. They've updated it to mention that the Parum Unity Souvenir would still be sold until July 18th. I didn't make this clear earlier.

JP 360 No Maintenance
JP 360 Update Page for June 20th

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for July 3rd

Care of EspioKaos, here is this week's update:

Event missions
Shred the Darkness continues as the next event mission is released.

Divine Offensive C-S2 (sth note: Available July 3rd to July 24th)
Reports of a massive outbreak of SEED-Forms have come in from COG Armed Servants at the Neudaiz confinement system. Intercept the monsters as they approach and above all else, protect the photon generator terminal!

The tutorial mission, "Shred the Darkness," has also been updated to add new information on the above-listed mission. (sth note: Available June 26th to July 24th)

New items
Many new weapons and line shields will drop from this new mission.
Also, there have been some milestones hit in the past week. 20 million was 2 weeks of 3 star photon fortune. 40 million was 500 ballpoint pens that will be handed out at random. 60 million was the Sonic jukebox disc. It looks like JP doesn't have much father to go until they hit the last listed milestone (80 million).

A bit earlier this week Sonic Team posted about the continuing billing issues affecting their local playerbase. I've linked this below as well. It's received two updates since and it will probably get more.

Update: Maintenance is over and the notes are out. There are a few notes about fixed and still existing bugs (mostly with the event missions). I'll elaborate more soon.

Update: Thanks to EspioKaos again for the translation of the notes:
Divine Offensive
* In the first three blocks of this mission, if you drop multiple items from your inventory consecutively, the items will not space themselves out as they would in any other mission. Instead, they all pile up on one another, making it difficult to see which items have been dropped, and likewise making it hard to pick up a dropped item.
* The bug will be addressed, but players are being asked to be careful when dropping unwanted items from their inventory.

Gol Dolva drops
* Gol Dolvas in the first event mission, Roar of the Fiery Beast, were affected by a bug which caused them to never drop anything from their specific drop chart. This has been corrected.

Various other fixes
* A bug which caused rare missions to not appear at the Ohtoku City Flyer Base and COG: Pavilion of Air mission counters has been corrected.
* Due to this and the Gol Dolva bug, rare item drop rates (only for items that drop from boxes and breakable environmental objects) have been increased in both Roar of the Fiery Beast and Divine Offensive for the duration of the event.

New bugs
* Upon returning to the lobby after completing Fires of Illusion/Phantom Fissure/Gaping Volcanic Crevasse of Illusion/whatever name you prefer when accepted from either COG: Pavilion of Air or Ohtoku Flyer Base, you will be placed in front of the PPT Spaceport, not the correct mission counter that the mission was initiated from. (Minor inconvenience, but it should be fixed in an upcoming update.)
The event bases issues should be fixed by time we receive this one. Hopefully the rare mission issues will be corrected by time we receive it in Neudaiz GBR.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

General: PSU Calendar Wallpaper for July

This month's English version of the calendar has been posted. Only changes this time include the normal addition of artist credit as well as the English AOTI logo. The holiday highlight was also changed to something a bit more appropriate (4th of July).

Wallpaper Page

General: PSU Weekly Mission Spotlight

For the past few weeks, GM RubyEclipse has been taking user opinions on various missions that players would be interested to play outside of White Beast (which as of exactly 7 months ago has all but taken over much of the interest in the game). Recently it was announced that these missions will take spotlight in rotation from week to week.

This week (June 30th to July 6th) features the Raffon Field Base. The focus is on the missions Plains Overlord and Sleeping Warriors. Players that run with GMs during this time have the chance of winning some real life PSU merchandise.

Oddly enough there hasn't been a news post yet, but they put the section so close to the message board link that it was hard not to notice it. I've linked that as well as the forum announcement.

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