Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Xbox 360: Demo Cleanup

The Xbox 360 demo for PSU has long been a place filled with tons of spam and other disappointing social aspects. It even got a portion to itself as part of a news segment on one of my local news affiliates. There is some humor to be found in the clip, but generally this type of behavior (serious or not) has been making the decision for some users to upgrade to the real servers difficult. They think that these activities also exist in the actual game (which simply isn't true). Consistantly there are posts asking whether these acts appear in the full version (to which many reply that they do not).

There has been renewed interest as of late in clearing up some of the negativity surrounding the demo. A GM and a few mods entered it recently and started cleaning it up. They have been continuing since on a daily or almost daily basis to lay down bans on users acting far more inappropriately than they should. It happens to be a much nicer place now than it was a few weeks ago.

The other nice thing about it is that to play the demo a Gold subscription is required (unlike the actual game). It is unlikely that many of these users will return under a new gamertag since they would have to basically pay again or switch accounts just to continue playing the demo.

There are a few reasons that I decided to post about this (besides being relevant to the game). One is that those of you reading this that thought Sega didn't support the demo can know that there is some action going on there. This is merely a taste of the greater focus on getting rid of troublemakers on the main servers (where a larger and more complex variety of claims are now investigated). Another reason is that this is a good example of how SoA's community interactions and service have been branching out. A year or two ago there was nowhere near this level of ability to deal with bad users and thus there was a great deal of tolerance for actions that won't be at this point.

Update: Well it seems RubyEclipse is letting some of the numbers out. There have been an impressive 500+ purged over around the past week. I really need an appropriate picture to go along with this statement...

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