Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for June 5th

Here's a breakdown of what's coming to the JP servers this week:

- Wedding lobbies (June 5th to 19th) [PSUv1]
- Distribution of prizes from the recent GM casino event
* Prizes will be available in your common box until June 31st
* Pictures of the room decoration prizes can be found at the link to the event page below
- Two competitive Dengeki missions will be redone and rereleased
- Wedding Cake room decoration available in the variety shop (June 5th to 26th) [PSUv1]
- Casino additions

I hope that the rerelease of older event missions is starting to become a trend. I wonder if we'll see missions from even older events released in the future.

Update: In the after maintenance notice, it was mentioned that players have been compensated for items that were lost quite awhile ago. A page has also been posted about the recent casino event and some various statistics relating to it.

Update: Added a link to another notice about the recent technical issues affecting the site and servers.

JP Update Page
GM Casino Event
PSOW Thread
Maintenance End
GM Casino Event Report
Technical Issues Notice

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