Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for June 26th

This update is a decent sized one to kick off a new story based event that closes in on the end of Episode 3. Here's the breakdown (I'll be using EspioKaos's translation for the event name):

- Shred the Darkness (June 26th to July 24th)
- Four event missions (June 26th to July 24th, read more at the links below)
- Sonic/Shred the Darkness lobby (June 26th to July 10th) [PSUv1]
- Holy Light Festa lobby (June 26th to July 24th) [PSUv1]
- New weapons and armor
- New room items
- Light Festival Decor in Variety Shop (June 26th to July 24th)
- Small TECHNICs system update

It would seem that the Sonic seasonal event will be continuing for a couple more weeks. I thought one week seemed a bit short on that one. Otherwise it looks like the next month will mostly be taken up by the current major event. As usual, more will be added to the event later on.

The system update is a bit of a graphical one. If you have an attack TECHNIC of level 31 or more, it will be displayed as the equivalent level 21 version to the members of your party. In effect, you will also only see the level 21 effects from your teammates' TECHNICs if they are over this boundry.

Update: Sonic Team is holding another free PSU weekend as part of their PS 20th Anniversary Campaign. Link added.

Update: Seems that maintenance will be started two hours earlier this time around. Link added.

Update: Maintenance is over and the end notes are out. Game version is now 2.0008.3. Universes 24-26 have had their names changed to reflect the event name. The system update to downscale the effects of those viewing TECHNICs as a third party has been applied. There is also mention of another machinegun glitch fix.

Update: UA6 has now started and the homepage has been updated with all the sections made available. They also just mentioned another bug fix on the game update page. This one appears to be a fix to a text input issue with Windows Vista.

Update: In a new separate posting, the team has noted that trying to access the rare mission on Neudaiz (the one that resembles Caves from PSO) from a certain counter is an issue. Note 23758: Let's check eventually on the EN servers to see if there are any problems accessing Forest of Illusion or Phantom Fissure (our possible name for Caves) from any of the counters they should be accessible from.

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