Tuesday, June 3, 2008

General: Update for June 6th

The content update page has been posted for this coming maintenance. Here's the short of it:

- Wedding lobbies (June 6th to 20th) [PSUv1]
- Episode 3 Chapter 4
- The Dark God C-S (Rykros midpoint lobby)
- New variety shop items
- Casino rotation
- PA leveling update [PSUv1]

Seems we won't have the Parum Unification event this year. I guess with this current story mission it wouldn't make much sense to. I'm assuming the cake decoration will be returning to the variety shop like before. I'm honestly not very sure on the posted new PA leveling rates. It's true that these estimations have been making the rounds for awhile, but I've heard that they may be off. What should be clear though is they will definately be much faster. We should also be receiving the lobby area that came with Seal of the Dark God in JP, although it isn't listed here.

I've heard they are planning to get out a patch for PC/PS2 this week. We'll probably know more as it arrives, but hopefully it will pick up the missing system updates that the 360 received in it's title update before MAG.

There may be some other minor system changes that weren't mentioned. I'll be sure to look around after maintenance to see if anything's slipped in though.

This update seems to consist mostly of JP's Jan 10th update minus MAG'. It also pulls in what I think is the last big thing from their Jan 31st update (the story mission). There are still minor things from those updates (Mt. Ohtoku box for example) that I'm not sure if we have yet, but if not we'll get them soon enough. The PA update comes from their Feb 28th balance update and is the last major thing from it. The very last thing from the rebalance (Guntecher attack TECHNIC PA cap increase) will probably come with the balance update that includes the master classes.

Update: The JP page has been posted. It's pretty much the same outside of a few bits. They only seem to mention the cake (not a whole new set of items) and again they only specify that bullet PAs will get much more exp (not specific multipliers). I say it again that it is possible that we've already received the miscellaneous items from this update, but if not it's assured that we'll see them sometime in the future. I'll look into it and if we haven't gotten the items yet I'll check after the update happens. As a last note, JP also passed on mentioning the new lobby area (although they did post about it when it first came out on their PC/PS2 servers).

Update: It seems that in the header the JP page mentions some added system changes. It alludes to the rare mission finding update, but that one in particular is not listed in the article itself.

Update: It would seem that the JP page has been corrected. They removed mention of the rare mission finding update from their overview, so I've taken that bit out from this post.

Update: PC users saw a small patch recently (a day before maintenance), but PS2 users did not. All I could notice in the PSU folder was that some gameguard files seemed to have a current modify date. Usually it patches itself before the client opens, though this time it might have just been a file that PSU interfaces with that was changed.

Update: Maintenance is over and the patch for PC/PS2 did in fact go through. It consists of at least the colored meseta update, although some of the other changes from the latest 360 title update may have been included as well. Hopefully there will be some sort of patch notes out soon. The only change in the variety shop is the addition of the seasonal wedding cake decoration. I've noticed the music disc for Marriage is also out in the Casino. The mission to return the photon eraser from firebreak is now listed under the 'Old Event Missions' category.

Update: Episode 3 Chapter 4 is the beginning of some bonuses for replaying story missions. They are being detailed in the link to PSUP below.

Update: I've put up a link to a thread where some of the other minor changes are being discussed. They mostly concern weapon names and tradability so far. Also, there have been many reports that the new PA leveling rates are much different (much greater so far as I've seen) than the speculation and English update page would have someone believe. I've linked to a thread were people can post some of the rates they've been seeing since the update.

Update: Looks like there have been some Lou changes as well. This may be the update that JP received on May 8th to adjust Lou and Karen. Looking back on this update, I believe we received the other system updates too. The GH490's SUV weapon was fixed (it will probably work when it comes out), The Dark God had some fixes and there was a bit of reorganization of missions at the Colony 5th floor. I still have to see if the changes to Tyrant Spadac and some AotI drops are in there, so this part is still just speculation.

Update: There seems to have been a change to at least one of the White Beast maps (at least one fix was made to a situation where a key would drop before the enemies were destroyed). This mission and Dancing Birds were said to have had changes in JP a few weeks ago. In the same update, Deljabans in Dark Satellite no longer would use Megid when silenced. Scarred Planet boxes were given an improved set of items, Grass Assassins had some changes to their drops, and standby missions had some minor changes. These are yet to be confirmed though. Apparently that GH490 fix was actually in this update for JP.

Unless a proper set of notes is released, I may eventually have to list all the system changes that we hadn't received yet and confirm each if it was added or not.

Update: I almost forgot to mention, I believe the PC/PS2 servers may still be in a free state. If you have been charged this past week, please contact Sega Support to attempt to resolve the matter. It would seem that the new billing system has been delayed a bit. It'll probably arrive in the next week or two. I've heard that this new system may provide the team with some more features as well as players with more payment options.

Update: The kubara version of Ryusaikanoh is now correctly known as Ryusaikanoc (instead of Ryusaikanoh). It can be dropped and traded now as well. Unfortunately, you still have to search for Ryusaikanoh in the shops to find it (instead of the corrected spelling). To fix it, you'll have to take it out of your shop or storage and then put it back in if you need to.

Update: I can say with pretty good confidence that all of the stuff from the 360 title update notes apply to PC/PS2 now. A few of the points I wasn't sure on only applied to My Room shops. This was mentioned in the JP notes, but not the EN ones.

Update: Jenkel Arms CV is still missing from the parts shops on the Colony and Parum. It has been missing since MAG ended on the 360. The sun in the new Falz lobby flickers pretty fast on frameskip 0 and 2 (but not on 1 and 3). This was fixed only a week after the lobby came out in JP (along with some other minor system changes), but surprisingly the fix did not come on the release of ours. This applies to PC, 360 (which is on FS0), and even PS2 (which is FS2).

Update: EspioKaos is saying that Deljabans still Megid. The Dark God fixes might actually not be in the update yet. We think they may have to do with the breakability of certain pillars on S difficulty. He's also noted that he thinks there's been a change to drops from pillars and debris since the first few days of the mission being out. It could just be coincidence though.

Update: I've been able to confirm that the Tyrant Spadac grind values have been updated. Generally there have been increases to the PP values for each grind level. Like the Ryusaikanoc, you'll have to refresh the item by taking it out of your shop or storage and then returning it there if need be. This was in the same JP update as a mention of some changed AotI drops. There have been some reports of things like people finding materials in unexpected places as well as some unprecedented elemental stats on certain line shields. It's possible that these fall under that update, so it may have actually gone through. I can't be positive that this is the case, but I don't believe I've seen any other updates mentioned that these types of changes could be listed under on the JP servers.

Update: It looks like the rare mission finding update has made it in after all. Here (once again) are the details:

* The method of getting a rare free mission has changed slightly. With this update, your chances of getting the mission will increase if you have more players in your party. Furthermore, the amount of time it takes to clear a mission will have an effect on your chances of a rare mission appearing. If a mission is cleared in less than five minutes, there is no chance of a rare mission appearing. From five minutes and up, however, the longer a mission takes, the better the chances of a rare mission appearing. Note that anywhere over 30 minutes will not increase the chances of an appearance above the maximum probability.
- Only the party leader will be able to see the rare mission appear. [Added note]
- Also, if players join mid-mission, in order for their play time to go toward increasing the chances of finding a rare mission, they must have been in the mission for at least 80% of the total time spent. [Added note]
It would seem now there is no reason to disband the party to check the counters. I also want to say that the AotI drop changes that happened in the same update as the Tyrant Spadac changes are in as well. This is again not official, but I want to say with pretty good certainty that it is based on some stuff I've seen recently.


EspioKaos said...

I noticed that the little blurb at the top of the Japanese 360 article mentions that the method of searching for rare free missions will change with this update, yet it's not mentioned in the actual system notes below it. Have you heard anything on that, by chance?

S-T-H said...

Ah, I skipped over that part. I guess it's possible.

I was going to ask yesterday if the GMs knew of any possible unlisted system updates, but neglected to mention it. I'll ask to see if they know anything.

I know in one session chillaura told me they were planning a patch for pc/ps2. Maybe they'll be thrown into that list or maybe they'll just not be mentioned. A few times there have been minor changes that weren't mentioned at all. After what Ruby said on PSUP, I thought they might just wait on our next GBR to throw the rare mission finding update in (like with JP).

We might just have to wait and check to see if there are any changes ourselves if they don't mention them. That one in particular might be a bit tricky although I'm sure they'd mention something that big.

Otherwise, we can wait to see if JP makes any stealth updates to that page. It seems to be something they do quite often.

EspioKaos said...

Just heard back from Ruby on the rare mission thing, and he confirms that we will receive the changes Friday. :D

EspioKaos said...

On the Parum Unification lobby, I feel certain we'll still get it. I just realized that last year we got it and the wedding lobby out of order from Japan. They received the Unification lobby in late May, then the wedding lobby in early June while we received the wedding lobby in late May and Unification in early June.

One thing I'm really curious about: will we get Moatoob's Festival of Origins this November? We've missed out on it twice now. The first opportunity was still close to launch, so I can understand that, but we should've gotten it last year.

S-T-H said...

Yea I really don't understand why we haven't gotten that one. I guess I'll ask (at least closer to when it would be out).

Also...JP fixed their overview to take out the mention of that system update.