Wednesday, June 18, 2008

General: Update for June 20th

A little late on the announcement, but here we go:

- Sonic lobby (June 20th to July 4th) [PSUv1]
- Parum Unification Commemoration lobbies (June 20th to July 4th) [PSUv1]
- Parum Unification Souvenir room decoration in Variety Shop (June 20th to July 4th) [PSUv1]
- Casino rotation

This picks up two of JP's most current lobby designs (May 22nd and June 19th). Instead of having them up for a week a piece, we get both of them simultaneously for two weeks. The JP page also mentions Casino additions, but there is a chance it might just be a rotation. We'll see come Friday for sure.

There are a few bits of possible future update information floating around. The first is that we may see the MAG extension up on the 27th, although it could be held until July 4th. The next level cap update was also mentioned as possible for July 4th.

Looking farther down the road, there are also more bits relating to future events. Neudaiz GBR should be happing soon, followed by our version of Dengeki in August, followed most likely by Parum GBR. Also, Sega of America is moving offices in July. They are looking at upwards of two days of PSU downtime while they move the servers over to the new building. This will be around the middle of the month, although full details will be coming once they verify the dates. I'll post as soon as I know more, but consider the 14th through the 16th for right now.

Update: English update page posted. Doesn't mention the casino stuff, but maybe any additions relate to the events. Since AotI's release, the music for an event will often accompany it with a disc at the Casino.

Update: 360 maintenance end note posted. Also, the Casino did have an actual addition. It's PSU Disc 10 (Parum).

Update: Al Tippies are fixed after this update. Now you can trade, drop, and sell them.

EN Update Page
JP 360 Update Page
Room Decoration at PSOW
PSU Downtime
JP 360 Maintenance End

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