Wednesday, June 25, 2008

General: Looking Ahead to July

It seems as if July is going to be rough around the edges.

First off, as mentioned before, Sega will be moving offices. The exact times have not been stated yet, but we are looking at a possible 2 day span between July 14th and 16th when the servers will be down. You can find out a bit more in chillaura's responses to the thread linked below. Earlier in the month (July 2nd to the 7th), Sega Support will be unavailable. All open tickets will be held until the 8th. Their databases and the forums will still be available, so you can try finding the help you need there. Linked below is the announcement on Sega's help page.

This next one is what has been causing more than a few people to get upset. The new billing site has recently been posted, however MAG will not be returning this week. It may return next week (July 4th), but it's also likely that they will have to hold off until after they finish moving (July 18th). I believe that one issue is that they don't want to break up the extension during the move. The other unfortunate news is that the next solid content update may also not be until the 18th. I'll of course update if there are any changes, but this is all we know for now.

Update: I forgot to mention that chillaura posted a response later in the thread. That is linked below now.

Update: The announcement has been posted on the main site about the server outage time. It will be from 2 AM Pacific Time on July 14th until an as of yet unnoted time on July 16th. Link added.

Update: JP just posted a page about the extended downtime. They are estimating 6 PM on July 14th to 11 PM on July 16th. This would be in GMT+9 (Tokyo). I'll make the conversions in a bit.

Update: Pacific Time is in Daylight Savings right now, so it would essentially be GMT-7 instead of GMT-8. This would make a 16 hour time difference in Japan's favor. In current Pacific Time, the range would be from 2 AM on July 14th until 7 AM on July 16th. It's still mentioned that it's only an estimation and that the servers could be closing a bit earlier or opening a bit later.

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