Thursday, June 19, 2008

General: Happy Birthday Sonic! Event

The GMs are bringing back Sonic's birthday event from last year. On Monday the 23rd, Sonic and Tails will be roaming around the lobbies at various times during the day.

Like last year, they will be handing out statues to those who celebrate by saying "Happy Birthday Sonic!". However, instead of Sonic again, they will be handing out both Amy and Knuckles statues to each participant. These will probably (like last time) be distributed during a later maintenance period to your common box.

Presently Amy and Knuckles statues are only available on the 360 servers (as far as EN ones go anyway). PC/PS2 users that have been waiting for their chance at them now have it.

Update: RubyEclipse has stated that saying the phrase at any time of day (Pacific time) on Monday will net you the statues.

Update: RubyEclipse has posted an entry over on SoA's blog about the event and Sonic's birthday in general. This one is prior to the event, but you can see a little bit of footage from last year's.

Update: Kotaku (probably coincidentally) also makes an appropriately titled thread.

Happy Birthday Sonic!
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