Friday, May 16, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for May 22nd

Looks like the content update list for next week is out already. Here's some bulletpoints:

- Parum Unification Commemoration Lobbies (May 22nd to 29th) [PSUv1]
- Second Parum GBR (May 22nd to June 26th) [All AotI exclusive missions]
* Scarred Planet
* Lightning Beasts
* SEED Train Mission
* Electronic Brain
- SEED Train Mission C-S2 (Paracabana Coast to AMF Central Command)
- Mines of Illusion C-S (Rare Parum mission)
- Scarred Planet S2
- Lightning Beasts S2
- Electronic Brain S2
- New weapons and armor
- Parum Unity Souvenir available (May 22nd to June 5th) [PSUv1]
- Casino rotation
- Level cap raised from 140 to 150 [PSUv1]
- Photon Charges will now recover 100% of the PP drained from both weapons when dual wielding as opposed to 50% each [PSUv1]

I can possibly see the EN side receiving the Photon Charge update sometime soon. Usually system changes like that come quicker than the standard content updates.

Updates: There is maintenance on May 29th for the PSU mobile service. They will also be switching it's homepage at this time. The old page will still be able to be accessed until the end of June.

Update: From May 29th to June 5th there will be another GM event for GBR. The usual process seems to apply here.

Update: There was a post mentioning failure of the official homepage on May 22nd. They mentioned losing the support forms sent during that time.

Update: Because of some technical issues on their end, Sonic Team posted an article mentioning that maintenance would take longer than usual.

Update: Game version is now 2.0007.2. Certain tweaks have been made. Here's a list care of EspioKaos:

* Some of the drop items of the Grass Assassin have been changed.
* The contents of some of the boxes in "Scarred Planet" have been given an upward adjustment.
* The name of each standby area mission has been changed to take into account any missions distributed from now on. (I'm curious about this, but it doesn't list any other info.)

Bug fixes related to May 08's maintenance
* Enemy appearances have been changed in "White Beast" and "Dancing Birds." (Likely to combat AFK leveling.)

New bug fixes
* In "Dark Satellite," Deljabans were able to use Megid when they had been silenced. This has been corrected.

Previously-discovered bug fixes
* GH490 will now use its SUV weapon when a PSU player is in the party. Before, the partner machine would only use its SUV weapon when all party members were playing AOTI.

FAQs addition
An entry was added concerning mission counters displaying parties that have the same NPC participating multiple times; this is possible due to various conditions. (It doesn't go into specifics, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal.)
Update: Another mention of the technical issues on Sonic Team's end that are causing the delay. I also figured to post along the version that went up for 360 users. The official site does affect everyone after all.

Update: Something about the 'blog' not being updated correctly. Since it seems to have been under construction for awhile, they may mean the RSS feed. This might relate to the other problems they've been having.

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Anonymous said...

SEED Train? Nice. I always thought of all the areas that HAVEN'T been reskinned thus far that the train was one I really did want to see.

Oh, and in case you missed it:

S-T-H said...

Oh, yea PSP. I'll get around to posting about it soon. I'm actally a bit behind there, but I already have some links to dump. It's probable that I'll give it its own tag.