Monday, May 19, 2008

Japan: Looking Towards the Future 3

JP has provided a summary of some of the updates upcoming on their servers until September. May 22nd already has a detailed list of updates posted, so I've skipped that portion.


- Event preceding the upcoming Episode 3 ending
- Reissue of certain Dengeki missions
- *notes below*
- *notes below*
- Wedding lobby (early June)
- Sonic lobby (late June)

July through September:

- Phantasy Star Portable is released (July 31st)
- The PSP character Vivienne appears in a side story mission commemorating the game's release
- You can transfer (with restrictions) your character data to PSP
- Special items can be obtained in the process
- Event mission celebrating two years of PSU (most likely August)
- New free mission
- More S2 rank free missions for AotI
- More Episode 3 story missions (Chapters 7 and 8)
- New GBR
- Level cap raised to 160
- New items
- Holy Light Festa lobby (mid July)
- Fireworks lobby (early August)

They also mention the intent of continuing to improve balance and game features as well as mission distribution. The notes after that are fixing mistakes in the information they sent to some media outlets.

I was assuming they'd probably release the airboard race mission permanently at some point. The level caps seem to be slowing down. I wonder if perhaps they holding off for some reason. If they are in production of a new expansion, they could be waiting to release it a bit more than a year later this time around. Perhaps PSP will make the wait easier for some. Speaking of which, I will be making some posts about PSP soon. I've been rather late on those.

Update: Number of story chapters added.

The first note is that items from MAG and Dengeki may be able to be combined in a future addition to an item exchange mission (such as Sange from MAG and Yasha from Dengeki as a possible example). I suppose there is still the possibility that more of the event only items will be added as well (as with the clothes prior).

The other note is to say the least confounding to everyone I've talked to. Looking at it a few times, I kept thinking of different meanings myself and it seems to be the same with others. It definately has to do with all A rank category and some S rank category weapons, but things from there get a little weird. The way it is listed in the chart is honestly unlike anything I've seen them mention before. It could potentially be that they will be adding new versions of these weapons (for example how some have /C or /G models).

I've linked the thread EspioKaos put up on PSOW today. Thanks goes to him for a few points. They also appear to be having some discussion over there about the mysterious bulletpoints too.

JP Future Content Release Estimates 3
PSOW Thread


EspioKaos said...

A few notes:

* The item exchange mission that mentions MAG and DMC seems to actually be for the purpose of combining weapons. It says that weapons that were obtained through either event (as a prize or a drop) will be able to be combined in this exchange mission. This brings to mind the combination of Sange (MAG) with Yasha (DMC) for the twin saber Sange & Yasha.

* The note below that is a bit confusing, but I think I've finally sorted it out. Maybe. <_<; It seems to be saying that new weapons will be added which will improve upon the parameters of existing weapons. It details that all 27 categories will receive at least one A-rank weapon like this and some of the 27 categories will receive at least one S-rank.

S-T-H said...

Yea I thought those might be other possibilities.

The weapon thing is just strange. After going through a bunch of possibilities myself, I took it to some guys in IRC. All that happened there were more people getting more confused. Everything from grind buffs to more availability in the shops. I guess we'll see soon enough for sure. Today I think I'm going to run with the idea of new versions of the weapons.