Friday, May 9, 2008

MAG: Update for May 9th

Gifts from Beyond has been updated with new redemption prizes. These are:

PSO Disc 5 (5 Gold Badges)
PSO Disc 6 (5 Gold Badges)
Aura Field (15 Gold Badges)
DB Line (20 Gold Badges)
Pushan (99 Gold Badges)

This is essentially the last of the update that JP got for Dec 20 that we didn't get yet.

In other news, 92 million kills was broken as of the beginning of this maintenance. We're going to have to speed up a bit to reach the final milestone, but it's still within our grasp. Hopefully these new gifts and the soon to be unlocked MAG addition will give people the extra go to push it over the edge.

EN MAG Event Rewards
JP Update Page

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