Friday, May 23, 2008

General: Update for May 23rd

MAG is gone after this update and so is Gifts from Beyond. As mentioned before, these are planned to return sometime next month.

The spring lobbies have been taken down as well. The mysterious Rappy Paskas have also been removed and people are once again getting Cati / Skill PP Saves from the standard version. The game is now in a fairly normal state.

Update: It would seem that 'Jenkel Arms CV' is missing from the shops on the Guardians Colony and Parum. I was able to get a few confirmations that it is missing on the 360 side. Sources for the PC version say it isn't missing from their side.

Update: The rare mission discovery method was in fact not changed this past maintenance, but will still be arriving sometime in the future.

JP 360 Maintenance End
Gifts from Beyond Missing
Jenkel Arms CV Missing from 360


Chris Perry said...

I know this doesn't relate to this post, but I wanted to share this with the PSU community. I have made a mission checklist that you can print out to keep track of scores, etc. Do you want to look at it, and if you like it, coud you post it for others to use?

S-T-H said...

I think I saw something similar awhile ago. I guess I wouldn't mind posting it.

EspioKaos said...

The issues they mention with the blog were related to the RSS feed. What happened was when news was posted at the official site, none of it would show up on the RSS feed, it'd only display a blank box. I guess when the site went down, it messed up a lot more than they anticipated.

S-T-H said...

Yea I actually noticed that on this page. The RSS feed had problems loading at several points, so I figured that was the issue.

Chris Perry said...

Thanks for considering my checklist. I think it's a handy thing to keep track of missions.

How can I get it to you? If you email me, I'll send it via email.


S-T-H said...

I guess you could leave your email. You can also PM me on the official forums or even IM me (information in my forum profile).