Sunday, May 25, 2008

General: New Sega Site and Support Section

Sega has recently updated their western (US and European) homepages. Most of the bugs that I've noticed seem to have been worked out and they are still making some improvements and additions. There is a lot of older data missing, but assuredly they are working on continuing to add more of it as time goes on.

As a part of this new site, they also have a new support section. There are even options for submitting PSU related tickets specifically. They have yet to update the PSU homepage to reflect this, but I believe everything (even abusive behavior forms) should now go through this help site.

Update: chillaura has made a post about the new support system. His words:

The page has been updated to direct users to the new SEGA Support Center at This site will require a SEGA PASS registration. Although SEGA PASS will be tied to a monthly newsletter with special SEGA features and offers, you can register to use the support page without subscribing to any mailing list.

PSU issues can be submitted to three different support departments at SEGA:

For PC installation or network issues on any platform submit your ticket to the "General Tech Support" department.

For PSU account and billing issues send your ticket to the "PSU Account/Billing Support" department.

For game play questions, to report bugs, or to submit an abusive behavior report submit your ticket to the "PSU In-Game Support" department (the Game Masters).

We will no longer accept abusive behavior reports without a valid email address registered with SEGA PASS. This is due to a large amount of spam as well as incomplete and false reports we received through the old form and will insure that we can reply to every report we receive through the new site.
The new system seems very good in comparison to the older ones.

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