Friday, May 16, 2008

General: Lots of Announcements

MAG is officially extended for two weeks (until June 6th). The total kill board will continue to rack up kills towards locked milestones during this time. The current kill ranking leaderboards will freeze at the normal time (May 22nd). Then a new leaderboard will be started. This will allow an additional 500 Spread Needle / Gs (thanks to chillaura for the number confirmation). Characters that already qualify for a shotgun as of the originally dated end of the event will be disqualified from obtaining a second one.

The authentication servers have been set to allow in any nonbanned accounts. This will apply over the next three weeks while the rest of MAG is still in progress. Things are still subject to change, but until that happens the game is in a bit of a free period on the PC/PS2 side.

The current GM support schedule will remain until May 22nd. After this, they will be instating permanent hours. These will be Tuesdays and Fridays from 3-7 PM Pacific Time as well as Fridays 12-2 PM Pacific Time (to better suit European players).

All this said, it shouldn't be a problem at all now to hit the final (200 million) milestone.

Update: A new time attack leaderboard has now also been confirmed by chillaura.

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