Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Xbox 360: Live Downtime and New Products

I kept putting this off for some reason...and it seems that I was just a tad late on it. There was downtime from 2 through 5 AM PDT today. You'll now find some videos on inside xbox featuring some very special new products. They can also be viewed at the link below. I'm all for the helmet myself, but perhaps that's just the Cast in me talking.

I might as well mention a few other things I meant to recently. My Xbox has a bit of a visual update to it which I think might also be work in progress. There is now an archive of the inside xbox videos that appear on the console (those of you without a 360 may be able to catch some video of those new products soon enough). Finally, people that have been using certain means to raise their gamerscores are getting punished. This consists of having their gamerscore reset to zero as well as them not being able to reobtain old achievements. They are also now labeled as cheaters on Live.

I'm not going to go into detail, but this doesn't happen to be a hack or a breakdown of the system's security. It is merely a traceable method (could probably at worst be called an exploit) that allows you to increase your score without spending the usual amount of time and effort that most users do. Assuredly, people aren't just breaking into their servers and setting arbitrary values.

Update: Video for new products linked below.

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