Saturday, April 19, 2008

Other: 300th Post EXTREME

Here we take care of another random, acceptably round milestone. This is a particularly good spot for one I think as it marks a turning point. The following people are now mods on the official forums:


That's right: I am now to a degree in their ranks. I was somewhat reluctant as I worried what some might think of what I have to say coming from a mod position. However, I am now in a position to help out to an even higher degree than what I could before. You will find soon enough that many of us aren't there just to clean up. Some interesting things are happening from a community standpoint and I've been working with a few of these people as well as some other high ranking community members to help out in a variety of regards.

Some of you may have noticed that a link to a recent post of mine has a link at the top of each PSUP page. This was actually not my own prospect. That being said, I hear that it might show up on PSOW too. Things like this are just the beginning of what I hope will become a greater awareness of users trying to help the game as well as sites working together. You may wonder if this has anything to do with my new relationship on the forum, but I assure you this was set in motion well prior to anything like that. There are plenty of things I still have planned that don't concern or require me being a mod or whatever I may end up as in relation to PSU.

That being said, things are quickly becoming streamlined in terms of my relationships with other community members as well as the bonus of keeping GMs aware as to what we're doing so that they might even be able to put in some input or possibly help if they feel they can manage to do something. I have been sensing increasing optimism from both sides recently and I think we'll soon be at a turning point. I think we'll be on a level greater than anything the game has seen prior and the difference will be staggering.

[Soon I'll give descriptions of some of these guys.]

I am removing the following links from the side bar (at least for the time being):

PSUniverse (Currently Down)
PSUtopia (Currently Down)

They seem to have been defunct for awhile now and I don't see a reason for them to be there. I know there is a chance PSUtopia may recover, but PSUniverse may not be coming back.

New Mods

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