Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MAG: Third Milestone Hit

We were just able to hit our third milestone at around 3 AM. It seems we're still well on track, so let's keep up the pace.

It seems that our prize table has been mixed up a bit from JP. I think the next milestone is probably the Ruins area though. I guess we can't be sure yet whether this will replace the NiGHTS statue or not, but it's possible. I don't know whether/when it was out here or in JP, but PSOW says it costs 10 gold. So a pretty hefty charge nonetheless.

A post by board member Miraglyth brought up a good point. JP has a mobile phone casino game that can earn players extra coins for their in game character. Since we are still limited on how many coins we can acquire without risk, it's possible that we were given this straight up as a substitution. After all, just keeping your coin each day would take an incredibly significant amount of time to save up for one of them otherwise.

Treasure Chest at PSOW

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