Thursday, April 10, 2008

MAG: Live Support Schedule

I'm going to start using a new tag for Maximum Attack G (and update older relevant posts).

To quote Chillaura:

To make Maximum Attack G the best supported and most fun event we have ever run, we are very pleased to announce that we will be covering both servers with live in-game customer support five days a week between 4PM and 8PM PDT.

The Live Support Schedule will be:

Monday 4PM to 8PM PDT
Tuesday 4PM to 8PM PDT
Wednesday OFF
Thursday 4PM to 8PM PDT
Friday 4PM to 8PM PDT
Saturday 4PM to 8PM
Sunday OFF

This Schedule will run from Saturday 4/26 to Thursday 5/22.

Friday 4/25 we will be kicking off the M.A.G. event with an informal community gathering from 4:00PM to 8:00PM.

Support will take place within the party mission waiting room areas in the GUARDIANS branches on Parum, Neudaiz, and Moatoob. This will allow us to deal with a handful of users on both servers at a time. Although we may settle on one primary location, at first we will use the in-game announcement system to tell you the universe, planet and party name to find us in when we open up a support shift.

If there are no support issues on any given day we will use this time to patrol, join you in missions, or hang out in the branch lobbies and chat. We are announcing this schedule in advance to encourage players to run community events during our support hours.

We would like Maximum Attack G to be fun for everyone, and we will be trying to immediately respond to any reported cheating, scamming, obscenity or abusive behavior reported to us in game. Responding to issues reported through forums and support forms will also be a high priority during the event, please continue to use those when you can't reach us in game.
Seems like the bar has been raised once again. I would suggest that everyone not crowd around them too much and allow them to manage the game appropriately. The last thing we'd want to do is scare them back into hiding.

Another quote:
In-game support will cover any customer service issue other than billing or technical related issues that prevent you from playing PSU. Max and Edward will still be answering those through the email support system. While the in-game GMs will be available to take questions, don't expect a huge flood of information, we don't want to ruin this by leaking information we weren't supposed to.

I have been making vague promises about improving support and security, and know that the lack of availability of the GMs in game has been a real problem for you guys. This is the most common sense answer to those problems, and we will work on a plan for more permanent in game "office hours" after we see how this goes.
Nice to see that they are trying to work on getting some solid public hours for GM monitoring. Hopefully we'll see a day that a blue ID runs around the lobbies without a hoard of users running after them.

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