Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for May 8th

Even though there won't be an update this week, they've posted the next one early. Here's a breakdown:

- New Moatoob Free Mission C-S2 (Il Cabo Base towards Granigs Mine)
- New items at The Collector (Melton's Shop)
- New weapons
- Neudaiz My Room move ticket
- PM Device EX GH490 (requires at least 100 battle stat)
- Twin Saber Tyrant Spadac receives grinding stat boosts
- Drop rate changes to monsters in missions released with and after AotI

Update: Maintenance has ended and the usual notes are out. The Dengeki rewards have expired and the Universe 9-11 names have reverted back to normal. The Colony Guardian's Branch has had it's missions reorganized. The NPCs Karen and Lou have been tweaked. It has been noted that the GH490 does not use it's SUV weapon to a player of PSUv1. The second Rykros mission (Seal of the Dark God) has had some stuff fixed.

Update: There was an edit to add a notice of a 5/22 fix on the maintenance end page. This concerns the correction to the GH490.

JP Update Page
Maintenance End


EspioKaos said...

On the twin saber buff you've listed, it's specifically for the grinding stats of the Tyrant Spadac. ;)

S-T-H said...

I was wondering about that! It's just some of the names are so obscure. Thanks.