Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for April 24th

EspioKaos has posted a translation of this week's update for JP. It's fairly hefty:

GM event
The GM event "Casino de Fever!" kicks off on this date.

[sth: They are relabeling universes 9-11 during the event to notify everyone to go there to take part in it. It will last from April 24th to May 8th. It involves playing the slot machines to aim for the jackpot. I've linked to the page for this below.]

Dengeki Mission Carnival rewards
From April 24 until May 08, the following rewards will be in place:
* Megaholy Photon Fortune for all races
* 20% boost to weapon and line shield synthesis success rates
* Free Lumilass services
* Half-price clothing and parts
* 10% boost to grinding success rates
* 10x normal daily Vol Coin allowance

[sth: There was an update on the 22nd that clarifies that the synth bonus only applies to when you take the item out, not put it in. Even if you started a synth before the 5/8 maintenance, the rate will go back to normal if you take it out afterwards.]

The following gifts will be given out to all players. Make sure you have enough room in your common box between April 24 and May 08 to receive them.
* Rappy Tippies (twin daggers)
* Speed King (RCSM)

The following item will be given out to eligible players who answered all of the questions in the quiz mission, "The Protectors' Choice," correctly. Again, make sure you have room in your common box, as it must be claimed before maintenance begins on May 08.
* Holy Ray/D

[sth: I've linked the answer page below.]

[sth: They also mentioned that they sent out the real life awards. The recipients are choosen by lottery.]

Story mission
Chapter 6: "Photon Harvesting 1," "Photon Harvesting 2"
The GUARDIANS have finally defeated the Illuminus, however a much larger task is at hand with the recent discovery of the massive HIVE, Rykros. [sth: As usual, the prior chapter must be cleared.]

Item exchange mission
"The Clothier" ("Protectors' City Clothes and Parts Shop" is the full name, but we all know that when this is localized, it won't be anywhere near that long.) I've gathered together a variety of wonderful clothes that normally are very difficult to get. Stop by and check out my selection!

This mission will likely be used to obtain the more unique clothes such as those worn by a few NPCs such as Mirei and Lumia. (This assumption coming from the clothing update mentioned below. I assume we may also see Howzer's coat and Laia's new getup somewhere down the line.) [sth: I think we might see some previously event only clothing in here.]

New shop items
AOTI-exclusive weapons will be available for purchase in shops up to 8-stars. Weapon boards will go up to 9-stars in shops. Some material synthesis boards will be adjusted and new ones will also go on sale.

New casino items
The exchange counter at Casino Voloyal will receive an update.

New clothes and parts
New clothes and parts will be released along with new color variations of existing clothes. The new clothes seem to be based on Lumia's new clothing and Mirei's clothing. [sth: Check the pictures on the site, you may be surprised at the others.]
Quite a few interesting things in there.

Update: Version is now 2.0006.4. Universes 9-11 are now labeled for the casino event. The My Room fix to searching between entrances has been made.

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