Tuesday, April 22, 2008

General: Update for April 25th

The following is a compilation of additions that will be appearing this week:

- Maximum Attack G C-S (April 25th to May 23rd)
- Gifts from Beyond (MAG Item Exchange mission)
- Mission to collect milestone prizes
- Cherry Blossom and MAG Event Lobbies (April 25th to May 23rd) [PSUv1]
- Measures to prevent AFK PA leveling will be affecting the following missions:
The Black Nest, Mad Creatures, Plains Overlord, Endrum Remnants, Duel in the Ruins, Scarred Planet, Grove of Fanatics
- New weapons, armor, and slot units
- New clothes (it seems that every PSO set will be available from the start)
- New room goods
- Casino rotation (music disks are mentioned)
- Mt. Ohtoku box additions (new colors for the Mikumiku set)
- Type level maximum raised to 20
- Most of the awaited weapon and PA changes
* Swords will hit an additional target (3->4, 4->5)
* Chikki-Kyoren-jin gets a power drop and uses less PP (First part reduced 202%->161%. Second part reduced 342%->182%.)
* Elemental rifle bullets receive higher percentages, ATP, and ATA. They also get a knockdown effect at level 31.
* Standard (non PA) rifle bullets drain less PP
* Elemental laser cannon bullets receive higher percentages at their base
* Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde, Gidiga, Nosdiga, Noszonde, and Nosmegid consume less PP

The awaited update to make PAs quicker to level was pushed back until some point after MAG. Leaderboards (which weren't present during the winter event) will be returning. There will be categories for things like total kills and fastest times. The top 500 players in terms of kill count (across both servers) will be receiving a Spread Needle / G. The event page should be posted sometime before the event goes live on Friday.

Update: The kill count leaderboard will exist per character and it will be possible to get more than one into the top 500. The time attack leaderboard will exist per account and they will take your best time on any character.

Update: The patch that was meant for PC/PS2 users recently has been moved into this update.

Update: There has been an update to the JP page of some additional balance additions:
- At level 31+, killer shot will require less PP per shot
- Fighgunner gets S rank machineguns, handguns, and twin handguns
- Guntecher gets S rank wands and an increase in base TP
- Fortetecher gets more HP

Update: Parum GBR is currently the oldest thing we haven't seen yet. This update picks up the rest of the JP Dec 13 update as well as the Dec 20 one (aside from some MAG prize additions as well as possibly a few other minor things). This also includes what I believe to be the last update for Jan 17 (type levels to 20). Almost all the balance updates (outside of Guntecher TECHNIC PA cap and PA EXP gain increases) from Feb 28 are included. The balance updates (outside of level/PA cap increases and type additions) from March 27 are included. This update goes a HUGE length at getting us up to speed. Outside of a couple things, we're almost at Dengeki already after MAG. I expect that all the PA cap increases will come with the new types. To clear up the mess, I'll be posting something soon that will hopefully clear up where we are at all times in comparison to JP.

Update: Links to JP maintenance extension and end notices posted. No version change this time.

Update: It seems that the Acro types have had their needed mission points to level corrected. This has caused some users to wonder why they've been deleveled. However, there was an apparent problem before that caused these types to require less than the other types. It seems the deleveling was to set everyone straight.

Update: I've heard slicer range has been dropped. This could have been the patch too, I'm not entirely sure. I don't use them much myself, so I wouldn't know.

Update: JP has confimed that the Acro types did in fact have their 'MP needed to level' distribution fixed. If you were level 10 or below you probably had your level reduced.

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