Thursday, April 17, 2008

General: Update for April 18th (Moved to the 23rd)

There is no update tonight for the EN servers. Instead we will have two maintenances next week to take care of the patches and content update. The first (as a replacement to this one) will be on Tuesday night to Wednesday morning and will contain the title update for 360 and patch for PC/PS2.

In addition, there is a notice about certain waiting room functionalities available to original PSU players.

I've also linked a thread detailing some of the changes coming with the 360 update. At least some of these will also apply to the PC/PS2 one. There aren't mentions of any performance/sound/chatpad changes, so we may have to wait somewhat longer on those. In the meantime I have linked a thread where some very productive discussion on the slowdown issues is taking place. In another thread, chillaura mentions that this update will not include the recent changes to certain missions to prevent certain afk PA leveling. It looks like we'll have to wait to see if there are any additional undocumented changes.

Update: While there was no maintenance on the 18th, there were some random lobby changes by mistake. The spring lobbies went out early, but at the same time certain lobbies ended up broken. It was decided that they didn't need to immediately address the problem, but they should be fixed soon (if not already).

Update: To prepare for the incoming 360 title update, JP has pushed back the end time by 3 hours. It's unknown how long the PC/PS2 servers will be down for for it's patch. It is also not yet known how relevant the change log is in comparison to the 360 one. There are more system changes coming with MAG which I will soon mention in the post concerning this week's update.

Update: This update has been delayed for PC/PS2 users until Thursday's maintenance.

Update: The 360 title update is out and it's 2.0002.4. The lobbies have been fixed. Some fixes also made for those using German. Players are still finding some various other tweaks. I've heard the frozen photon fortune teller bug has been corrected.

Update: Apparently during the recent lobby bugs, users were able to find rare drops from Easter rappies.

Update: This pulls in a lot of tweaks (if not all) from JP's April 10th update.

Update: I don't see the meseta color change on PC and neither do a few others. Then again the change doc for the PC/PS2 side hasn't been given yet. I'm not sure if there is anything else missing or added in comparison to the 360 one. However I believe the maiden freezing was fixed on both sides.

Update: Here is a quote of chillaura's post about what the 360 title update contains:

Attention GUARDIANS! Maximum Attack G is approaching quickly, and we’ve got a number of new updates, glitch fixes, and system changes going up that will be improving PSU across the board. Heading your way during maintenance this Tuesday Night:

Updates and system changes

During GUARDIANS Boost Road event, earned points will now be shared among the same account characters.

Meseta will now be displayed in multiple colors depending upon amount. This will make it easy to determine exactly how much an item is priced, and works as follows:
・ Meseta 1- 99,999 is colored white
・ Meseta 100k – 999k is colored light blue.
・ Meseta 1 million to 9.9 million is colored yellow green
・ Meseta 10 million to 99 million is colored orange.

The method of synthesizing and storing grinders has been changed. When synthesizing grinders, make sure you have at least 5 open spaces for any potential grinder outcome (e.g., no more than 94/99 C+1 grinders) or you will not be able to synthesize grinders of that type.

The price confirmation window will now be displayed even if players purchase items requiring individual inventory space.

Playing story missions will no longer affect the appearance of rare missions.

When purchasing an item priced over 100k meseta from a Photon Gacha, players must wait one second before accepting. This is specifically to help combat Photon Gacha scamming.

Glitch Fixes:

Second Machine Gun Glitch fixed.

Photon Gacha text overflow glitch has been fixed.
By the time that I've added this, PC/PS2 players should have already seen these items added.

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