Monday, April 14, 2008

General: New GM Named

To quote RubyEclipse:

Hey there everyone,

There’s been a lot of cool stuff happening lately, and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on. (Brace yourselves)

First and foremost:

Ruby Eclipse = PSU Castor
PSU Castor = Ruby Eclipse

I used Castor’s account for the PSU Podcast so that it would get reviews based on content, not on whose name was attached to it. While we probably could have kept going about it this way a while, in light of the second big announcement I wanted to be completely open and up front with you guys.

The next (and in my opinion, much cooler) bit of news is that I have officially joined the SEGA of America team as the next Game Master for PSU. As a Phantasy Star Fan for many years (and a general PSO/U addict), I’ve been with you guys in seeing the mistakes, the victories, and the many in-betweens. My goal is to keep PSU fun and enjoyable, and likewise to push for fixes on the issues that do need to be resolved. And when it comes to player-run events, there are some awesome plans in the works that I hope to announce very soon.

MAG will be here in no time, our community driven PSU Series is also in the works right now, and Season 2 of the PSU Podcast will be starting in the next few weeks. It is a pretty exciting time for all of us here in the community, and my hope is that it will only get better as we move forward.

I look forward to working with everyone, and to meeting with you guys when the in-game support starts in full during MAG.
First, I want to say that I knew they were the same guy. Second, I'm quite glad that he's now on the team. He's been very involved with PSU and had been with PSOBB. I know that quite a bit of good will come out of this for the community and for Sega. From my own viewpoint, there are very few people from our playerbase that would potentially be a better selection than he.

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