Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Other: PSOBB Update for February 29th

As promised, Clumsyorchid has switched over many of PSOBB's ships to various holidays for this last month the servers will be on. Players can now hunt any last rare rappies before the game closes. There is also a mention of additional lobbies that will be assigned later depending on player suggestions. The following are the current ships (minus two of them to be used later) and which holiday they are on:

Cronus has Valentines Day Lobby
Rhea has Halloween Lobby
Coeus has Easter Lobby
Phoebe has Xmas Lobby
Oceanus has White Day Lobby

There was a mini event to celebrate and unfortunately I didn't notice it in time. It's not that I haven't still been browsing the forums, I just must have missed it. It's disappointing since I was rather expecting this to arrive at some point, but I wasn't sure if the PSU issues were taking away any last focus on PSOBB's end. I also haven't really seen much of Clumsyorchid in awhile. Besides that, I didn't exactly post this until awhile after seeing it myself. Hopefully, there will be another similar occurance later in the month.

It wasn't mentioned whether he was able to pull through with the Maximum Attacks or not. I wouldn't keep hopes up for it, but it's always possible they might still come back.

Update: I've added a link to a post where they've uploaded various pictures from the event. In it you can see evidence of all the people that should have made sure I knew about it and was present, but didn't. Thanks to all you guys, really.

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