Monday, March 24, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for March 27th

I've been...out there for the past couple days. Credits to EspioKaos for his translation:

Seasonal event
- Easter begins and will be running from March 27 until April 03.

Event missions
- Some new items will be added to the exchange mission "Dengeki Editorial Department." Going by the screen they're showing, looks like Electro Heart will be one of those items. Also, the mission "Do-or-die Spirit - Den" will be added back alongside "Do-or-die Spirit - Geki."

New battle types
- Fighmaster, Gunmaster and Masterforce will be added!
* These three types will be able to equip only S-rank weapons and line shields. C, B and A weapons and line shields cannot be equipped. Units of all ranks can still be used, however.
* Due to the equipment restrictions of these three types, some missions cannot be cleared with a grade of S when soloed.

System updates
* The level cap will be increased to LV140.
* Some photon arts will cap out at LV50.
* Fighgunners' restrictions on machineguns, handguns and twin handguns will be upgraded from A to S.
* Wartechers' support TECHNIC level will increase from LV20 to LV30.
* Fortetechers' support TECHNIC level will increase from LV30 to LV40. They will also receive an increase in HP.
* Acrotechers' support TECHNIC level will increase from LV40 to LV50.
* Normal rifle bullets (non-photon art bullets) will receive a PP cost reduction.
* Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde, Gidiga, Nosdiga, Noszonde and Nosmegid will receive PP cost reductions.
Sounds like some pretty hefty stat additions there. We might see some, but probably not all of these adjustments sometime in the near future. I assume some of them have to do with the new level cap, types, and PA caps. Don't forget that there is still a planned balance update for April 11th on the EN side.

Update: A post has been made mentioning some bug fixes and a week extension of the event.

Update: A post was put up mentioning fixes to what I believe were update notifications on JP's vision phone.

Update: A late notice was put up about the quiz mission.

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